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January 7, 2005
His Being is to the Source directly connected. In his eyes of green/blue/hazel and his dragon smile
in the fingers of compassion and understanding blossoming along side
the already present passion
In the petaled and lotus silk of his touch on my skin
in the fiery waters of hot cool warm and wet love
like a brazilian beat melting in laughing snow falls

In what was, what may be, and what is I find him --every corner
of the heart.

The life-partner my heart choose long ago before I knew him here
and betwix the worlds every night our dragon wings soar playing the wind off our vibrations our magnetic resonations----knocking all that isn't out and leaving the purity of heart, of voice, of music, of beating hearts
Blue and Green, WHite and Purple, Red and Black
In this and every point of traveling ray of light
I am honored to call Stas lover, partner-husband, and co-creator
of the abundance treasures and magick manifestations we
dream up together
and birth with elven sparkle.

Now if we could just learn to drive our Egos:)
Getting our learner's permit tomorrow:)
Be driving in no time:)

Kiss to Forever
August 27, 2004
Удивительный. Estas - best of luck with your tour!
August 19, 2004
Oh, this beautiful creature...Estas embodies the light that shines behind everything in the universe. In my life, he has been a beautiful gift from Spirit, reminding me to let go, surrender to the moment, Live in Love and flow....When Estas is around, magical things happen because of that flow, and laughter, fun, and deep learning usually follow. I met this Dragon on the playa at burning man last year, and in the year that's passed between then and now, he has taught me so much just by being. His incredible music and firey spirit and kind, sweet, generous heart create around him a character out of a storybook - he is mythic - except that the story is real. He lives out the Gypsy fairytales of my childhood - he lives in the center of the flame. Everything he does is informed by his desire to do his best, and to create happiness for those around him. I have never known such a loving soul, always looking out for others.So glad my Gypsy brother is being embraced by the universe so lovingly lately - he deserves all the best!
February 9, 2004
Estas is much more then just a brilliant musician he is also a warrior of the light. He is a seeker of higher consciousness and a highly spiritual man. He is a giver, and will often offer his last dollar to someone less fortunate. I am honored to have him in my life and consider him my brother. The story in his music is inspiring. He captures the heart of many through the voice of his guitar. I have often witnessed his ability to tap the spirit of children as they flock to his sound and dance to his rythm. I love this man. He is a star. If you ever get a chance to hear him play or listen to his wisdom you too will feel his heart.
December 9, 2003
Listen to Estas...You will never forget!
I was blessed to be graced with the song he plays.
It comes form far away and from a soul that has touched long ago....
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