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Akiva Sat Narayan

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wild yogi

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Akiva Boker (me:) a student of yogi and master Kabbalist Joseph Michael Levry, is a numerologist and practitioner of universal Kabbalah, certified in Naam Yoga Therapy, Harmonyum Healing, Kundalini Yoga, and classical Kripalu Yoga. His practice and classes are focused on bringing self-expression to the surface, providing safe space for individuals and groups to move into their true voice and potential, healing body mind and spirit. He has been conducting regular classes and workshops (in the area of Numerology, Yoga Therapy and Universal Kabbalah) in the bay area and the greater New York area for over seven years, as well as providing spiritual and life coaching for groups and individuals around the world.
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My Recent Activity

The 7 cycles of prosperity - Universal Kabbalah ( events » other ) From Vision to matter! the 7 cycles of abundance!

A special class in Universal Kabbalah 5/28 THE ART of manifestation "not to be missed" Space is limited.

• The Tree of Life and The Ten Spheres of consciousness

• Prosperity Through the Se... read more
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Cosmic Alert - 5/27 - new knoledge for your soul ( events » other ) Would you like to be ahead of the game! be on top the movements and shifts that are shaping our reality?

Please join me to look at the advantages and challenges that the cosmic forces will unfold this coming June!

Date 8/27 at 12PM PACIFIC T... read more
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Clear your psyche for 2010! ( events » community ) A RARE OPPORTUNITY to Clear your psyche for 2010

NAAM YOGA INTENSIVE the science of sound and consciousness!


Activate your destiny with Naam Yoga, learn how to use the application of divine wisdom (Universal Kabbala), to maste... read more
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Numerology 101 Principles to the unknown ( events » other ) Two part workshop at Sacred Well
With Akiva Satnarayan!

learn your numbers message! Work with your challenges and gifts, toward liberation beyond your numeric imprint! What will the next six month be like? In business, money and and relations... read more
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GO beyond YOUR dreams! Kundalini Yoga Intensive ( events » community ) Open up to the flow of abundance and joy; manifest the opportunities 2008 has in store for you
Come join us on FEBRUARY 17 for a journey to the soul of consciousness. We will explore various techniques to open up physical energy pathways – tappi... read more
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My Blog

FEBRUARY 09! The Beauty and The Beast
a mini scenario of the year!

The New Year has started with a seed of motivation. The magician appeared on the horizon, bringing new intentions and hopes. With it came a rush to cultivate new opportunities and to set a fresh tone for desired beginnings.

This month, those pure motivations are in the hands of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Within the evolution of time and space – February creates a challenge for us – a duality of purpose and of character.... read more
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