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August 15, 2007
Michael is great, just plain great. The first time I met him, he pulled my fox tail off, and I have never let that memory (or guilt) fade. :) I love giving him a hard time and making him blush, but he's always poking or teasing me right back. Michael is one of the first people to look out for me when creepies are around, or even when I'm not feeling well, and I love hanging out with him.
August 14, 2007
Michael is totally awesome. Though he may tease, poke, and laugh at me, he's always one of the first to offer assistance or words of wisdom. He may be a +4 dork, he's also one of my favorite people to hang out with at faire or anywhere else.
Personally, I just think it's hilarious to tease him, since he's usually so busy laughing that he can't retaliate much! :D Plus, he's the one that decided my sister and I are Trouble with a capital T.

Yeah, you pretty much rock, Michael! <3
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Thoughts of a confused mind

Oh for a bucket of Legos and some spare time....

I could build the Argo

Or this floating aircraft carrier

Or the Death Star

I guess I will just settle for the Kennedy Space Center
Tue, September 23, 2008 - 5:40 PM permalink - 0 comments

If you have been keeping up with the story like I have, this is probably not a shocker.

It is sad really, that people have to do this. It would have been nice if it was true, something new out there that we don't know about confirmed to exist. But it is just another hoax.
Tue, August 19, 2008 - 11:29 AM permalink - 2 comments
And the Mythbusters are going to find out.

pic is Edward "Buzz" Aldrin
Thu, July 31, 2008 - 8:57 PM permalink - 0 comments
What is your hobbit name?
Tue, July 29, 2008 - 10:42 AM permalink - 7 comments

Or if you are not up on your Latin: "Who watches the watchmen?"
Thu, July 17, 2008 - 7:56 PM permalink - 4 comments
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