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December 28, 2006
When I grow up, I want to be Jenny Temple.
November 16, 2005
Oh, what to say for such a special person. Maybe there is nothing written to express what a spirited cutie she is. With energy, motivational skills, and a mind like a sharp knife, she is able to joke, tease, challenge and engage all that stand in her path. And those skills don't stop with her verbal and mental repertoire, oh no, they continue with her playful and fun loving spirit and movements. "Friendship" is a limited word for what Jenny has to offer.
June 28, 2005
I think she's Trouble.

But in a good way.
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I've fallen behind the curve on online social networking! It's a lot like homework really. I'm not sure how all of you were suckered into doing it. It's really to see if your friends have hot friends you want to meet, right? Or maybe you haven't done homework for such a long time that you kind of miss it. Since I demand to see my friends' hot friends in person (photos are unreliable), and I avoid homework habitually, I have not been suckered until now.
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