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Tue, March 20, 2012 - 4:03 PM permalink - 0 comments
Many people do not understand the significance of sensuality as opposed to sexuality, certainly most Americans do not. This blog entry may enlighten a few. Massage therapy has gone through a huge transformation in California the last 45 years. The sexual revolution left many women looking to protect their identity, turning to find spirituality without the moral overtones with which we all grew up. Sex and capitalism became the enemy as we became creative harmonic productive humans, search... read more
Thu, August 19, 2010 - 12:10 PM permalink - 2 comments
I've been cooking for others quite alot. First, cooking at the Zen center for my comrades/ friends. I also cooked for the work party at the Sendo with Guido. We are still working with Guido on the Zendo. I have been creating three luscious meals a day--I gained ten pounds! I'm also growing veggies in my too. Dahlias, vinca, cosmos, impatiens. Also chard, kale, peas, squash, radishes, sunflowers, onions, herbs. Tomatoes and pole beans coming around!

Last weekend... read more
Tue, July 21, 2009 - 8:02 AM permalink - 0 comments
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March 13, 2006
Hello folks, Elo Devi is one of my oldest friends and one of the few I have kept in contact with through the years. We met at Harbin Hot Springs in '78. We both had young children, were into exploring goddess worship, belly dance, and much more. This was one of the pivotal times in my life since it was the first time in my adult life I was single and my first experience living in the country. With our children packed into her VW bug, we explored other hotsprings and travelled around the area. Many special people came to Harbin then: such as Ken Keyes and Fuji Guruji.
I was healing from a mental, physical breakdown and Elo was one of the many healers who helped bring me back to health.
I have fond memories of cleaning the baths with the women while singing songs to the goddess--turning work to worship.
Since then we have share some wonderful visits, always including her healing massage.
Love to You Elo and thanks for always remembering me. D
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