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Cooking for Ganesh....Krishna/Radhe: .

   Tue, July 21, 2009 - 8:02 AM
I've been cooking for others quite alot. First, cooking at the Zen center for my comrades/ friends. I also cooked for the work party at the Sendo with Guido. We are still working with Guido on the Zendo. I have been creating three luscious meals a day--I gained ten pounds! I'm also growing veggies in my too. Dahlias, vinca, cosmos, impatiens. Also chard, kale, peas, squash, radishes, sunflowers, onions, herbs. Tomatoes and pole beans coming around!

Last weekend I cooked for a kirtan music festival at Harbin. Fifty people, wow! I was ass't cook to Margie who is extremely awesome. We also had volunteers, without whom we could not have accomplished the fantastic Indian food we served. It's nice to get paid, but I do love feeding people. The music was fantastic, non-stop chanting in the Meadow Bldg. (where the cooking was going on) as well as the Harbin temple.

Organic food served by homeless locals, with food from it's own garden! More later.......Crop Circle Cafe.


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