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Evil Lesbian Media Whore

about me
Stacy Bias. [my website:]

Fat feisty femme dyke. Living in the pacific northwest - mere miles from ocean, snow, rivers, waterfalls, fields and forests.

I run, organize and, use as an outlet for my less mainstream graphical exploits, make the and lines, and occasionally edit and write queer smut.

Kinda ridiculous, huh?

And yes, I'm a Leo. Times 4. But I do have a Libra rising to mellow me out a bit.

I'm pervy, creative, musical, a fairly huge dork, completely enamored with my friends, blessed to work for whose ethics I whole-heartedly support, powerful in my own way, obsessed with life lessons, something of a word whore and - most likely - happy to meet you, though lately that's less of a given than it used to be. ;) - Personal Livejournal
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