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last updated 03/16/06
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My Bio

about me
I am looking to make friends. Lately I find myself thinking more and more about making love to another women, feeling the warm loving carress of her naked body against mine,,her hands touching me all over.., the look of extacy in her eyes as we make love.. mmmmmmm
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A little about me

I consider myself a normal healthy female, although I am not quite sure what is considered normal.

I do love taking care of my body and having incredible sex. Lately, I am desiring more of female companionship than male.

and find myself using my toys much more often, and enjoying them ever so much.

. I am as compelled to please my partner as I am myself.

I love teasing, and tantalizing almost to the point of cumming and then stopping.. so when the moment does happen, it is like an erotic explosion.

the love making is the best part. The touching all over, the kissing, the caressing... the warmth of another womans body against mine..getting someone and myself to the point of total submission and domination alternatively.

I go to the gym several times a week to work out and keep my body in shape..

I do love caressing it when I am alone touching all over while fantazizing about the lover I wish was with me.

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My Testimonials

January 10, 2006
Your the sweetest person I ever meet and thankyou for your advice and your friendship!Thanks!
September 29, 2005
Smart, sexy, beautiful, warm. No talking trash, she's too classy for that.
September 28, 2005
God thuis woman turns me on so much. She is hot and if there is a god, one day we will meet and burn up the sheets. She is sexy and warm and fun and ...well what else can I say. Love ya, Lori!
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