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March 4, 2009
As I walked through a garden in my mind I came upon a man. This man was unlike any other I had ever encountered before. Tall, lean crystal blue eyes, beautiful creamy porcelain skin. His physique was statuesque, flawless. Although I knew he was a man in my mind he was sexless. A figure like a god; androgynous. Pure and bright. Wise and yet so humble. A love so incandescent it blinds you with just a mere blinking glance. A Flower. You my beautiful Flower, I saw you standing there in the garden in my mind, and I sat down beside you, you gathered me up into your arms and held me close until I fell asleep, a sleep I had longed for, a sleep more soothing and more sound than any other I could recall, visions of my flower returned even in my dreams, us dancing and singing, you playing beautiful music, the most exquisite sounds I had ever heard before, sounds that echo in my mind and sent me on a journey into a far away land. I cherish these moments when I dream of you, I cherish moments when your image enters my mind and its those precious images that remind me of how close we always are.
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