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July 4, 2006
am i allowed to drool?
March 5, 2005
Troy…I don’t know you…But from where I stand, FUCK! You’re the definition of beauty… I’m judging what I see… It would be foolish of me to comment on you’re intellect since either of us know each other. But I’m sure you're intellect is just as amazing as you’re exterior…There’s always the future though.. LOL….Good times…

January 15, 2005
Inspiring truth, beauty, communication, and love that you are thank you.
Your passion flows and shows your kind true hearted nature. Always thinking of others you show me too that humanity is worth the time and that progression is not found by rejectance but more of acceptance.
December 14, 2004
My dear politico -pagen brother, you are one of my sweetest inspirations I have met in the city, wise beyond your years, sexy and savvy, a tried and true brother, always so full of compassion and understanding. Awareness is your revolution, and I dig the wit that comes along with it. Thank you so much for being alive, your an amazing spirit, keep those fires burning, you passionate creature!
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I think I was born either centuries too late, or centuries too early.. I am trying to find (lucrative??) ways to use my art to manifest change.. I believe in Love, in all it's forms...
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