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Nutrition Information Per Serving

about me
interests and habits come and go. pictures remain.
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Deep Thoughts

Once, there was Friendster. And it was fun to see all your associate's profiles, in a organized manner (not like a 1997 Geocities page). And you could see the connections. And you could follow them. But there was no way to associate people by groups. So we made fictitious person accounts like "Burning Man." But there was still no way to communicate in discussions. Then they started to run out of bandwidth and I had to seek out another online outlet.

Then came Tribe. Suddenly we had all the profile pages and connections of Friendster, plus the ability to join groups and public discussions. Plus, they let us get away with grown-up stuff. But I never realized one thing: all this time, Tribe was limited to the High Tech world, San Francisco, and Burning Man. That was about it. Meanwhile, the rest of the nation got their first representation on MySpace. I tried it, but "eeeewwww!" I couldn't deal with the vomit backgrounds and embedded music that hit you like finding a dildo in the fridge.

During Tribe's six-month lack of bandwidth, I got dragged into FaceBook. Sure they were caught with their hands in the cookie jar a few ttimes, and slapped on the wrist. But it's starting to look like they're trainable. It was really weird to be found by people I knew in Hight School, but it's turning out to be addictive to watch everyone's news twats™, and to comment on every little thing that happens in a person's day.

So now I'm down to just occasional check-in here on Tribe. I've cut my associate list down to just about 100 locals. See you in the next network (and the next, and the next...)!
Mon, April 6, 2009 - 3:25 PM permalink - 3 comments
The seeds of my proposal for... California? Congress?
For General Practice, Regardless of Government Policy?

How do we make it legal?
Wed, November 12, 2008 - 11:45 PM permalink - 1 comment
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Lies! All Lies! (testimonials)

May 31, 2004
Randal is a sleek cat creature who slides along the walls and catches me off guard. Intense is a good word for him. Other good words for him are: artist, generous, teacher, student, skeptic, believer, guide and wanderer.

(he's also a fabulous cook and does a great ant attack)

Living with Randal is a daily education- full of surprises and tremendous fun.
November 16, 2003
Randal is not only a whirlwind of creative costumes and photography, but he alwasys strikes me as very present, spiritual, vulnerable creature with an unabashed honesty.....What will he do next?????
November 11, 2003
I fell in love with Randal over tea wearing bedsheets, or maybe it was over an old neon clock, chocolate covered asparagus and again the moment I met him. Randal is the only man I have loved forever, will love always and completely unconditionally. Randal is my socially unacceptable, worldly responsible, sagely wise, creative genius twin. I miss him daily, he is my..."life used to be so grand." I have never been as beautiful to anyone as he finds me, as he leaves me. I can never be a drag queen without him. And he has all the answers...all the answers in the universe. He is my male ant woman. When my son is horribly brilliant, I think, yes, he will be like Randal. Randal zapped him with photographic pychic genes while my son was still in womb after all. That is what that flash was, wasn't it? Did I say I adore Randal. Keeper of my secrets, the man who has dressed me up and tucked me in more than any other. I adore Randal.
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