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Showing Me Love

October 5, 2005
One of the finest boys you'll ever find out there from his fave northern Daddyman. A must see attraction anytime visiting the DFW area! You can ask me for more specifics about the why's and how's. I'll tell ya!
April 29, 2005
This man is my M&M...he's hard & colorful on the outside, sweet & creamy on the inside & always melts in your mouth, not in your hand. Unless you ask him to ;)

Gerald always brings the funk, the fun & the flava...I got nuttin' but love for him!

December 4, 2004
I fought, I wrestled and I kicked David's ass to win just
a bit of Geralds affection. He is sweet, fine and worth fighting
for. When I think of Gerald....I get warm inside. I wish Gerald
would call me Daddy!
December 2, 2004
The G-Man. Quincy Jones ain't got nothin' on this dude, cuz he showed Q what it means to have a lil bit of razzamatazz. My lil bro who keeps me on the str8 and narrow --- who lurves ya baby? Me, dats who. All da fellas in da house can ya hear me???
November 24, 2004
"Creepin through the fog who that ya'll ......its G...the "supa dupa fly " brotha with the "ill nana" who's "so sexy" that the mere mention of his name makes you"lose your breath" G keeps the tribes "jumpn junpin" "droppin Bows" on all that dont know...G pulls you in with his charisma and freaky sense of humor...he's mad cool and gets all lub!
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La Familia

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The Usual Suspects

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What You Wanna Know?

about me
Pushing and fumbling my way through this thing called life and trying not to bruise myself and others in the process. It doesnt always work...but hey, I try. Got a great man...friends, goals, dreams, and determination spoken here.
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