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February 24, 2009
I love Tomas. Period. He has blessed my life with the knowledge that true love definitely exists. Our friendship is solid and continual proof to me that this is so. I think of him every day. And every day I smile and thank all my stars that he exists in my world. Thank you, lovely cherished friend, for showing me the finer qualities of being alive. Eternally yours, george
November 17, 2005
Tom is the best coffee friend a low-wage java monkey could ever hope for AND the muse of improv actors across Santa Cruz. Not only is he a fantastic person to speak with at 5 AM across a counter, but he is a maniac, maniac, maniac on the floor. Tom's heart gooshes with love when folks get in touch with their inner phreaky lovechild. If Tom were a beverage he'd be Orginal Nub Chai with an espresso chaser.
March 23, 2005
March 11, 2005
what can i say about this man of all wonders and magic, who fills the air with life and beauty emanates as he flutters and out...weaving his kindness and magnetism in all directions...of space and earth and universe...the love he brings is always true and mag*es*tic, in the ways he honors all, and each with equal dignity and respect and how his presence alters egos and perspectives, guided by his insightful brilliance, which is so loved by all who know him and love him.
October 18, 2004
Booo yow.

Positive. spark. look at some pictures of the flares out of the sun. these streams of fire dance the distance of many earths. flying with grace... awe inspiring. Tmaas holds down a level of love and dedication, seriously having a fuckin good time. taking nothing too serious. Oh My God. Supercharged love. The Joy to be arround. The powerful child of Sol. mmmm damn! Lets keep gettin higher.
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outta my diamond lane, bitches!

about me
. ... . I, am a disaster, so stock up on water and big 'D' batteries. sandbags. and some Q-tips.right?
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i praise the moments i die in fire

for the veils of illusion and pretense burn with me.

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my hero

the sun,
sometimes it whispers,
to me.
go can.
just shine, like i do.
you can be the flame, the light
of just one candle burning
without shame.

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