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about me
I am down to earth, independent, adventurous, outgoing, health conscious, very active, always interested to check out new things.
I will try everything once, well almost everything :-)
I am very reliable and loyal to my friends. I am a great listener.
I am really good at managing money and logistical things.
BTW I am NOT polyamorous, which means that I am monogamous. Not many of us left in SF :-)
I was born and raised in Italy, I moved here 18 years ago.
I love SF: people are super cool and very open minded.
Ok may be sometime people are a bit flaky.
And there are so many cool events going on all the time (check my BLOG).
I have been a Pescatarian for 25+ years or so.
In case you do not know a Pescatarian is a Vegetarian that also eat fish.
If you want to know more, just ask me. I am an open book.
I run a monthy event called Triple Power, come and check it out sometimes, it's a lot of fun and you will get to see me DJ.
English is not my native language, so excuse my mistakes :-)
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What people say

August 8, 2006
I love this man. He is kind, sensitive, ALWAYS fashionably dressed, a good listener, a great friend and did I mention how thoughtful he is? Don’t let the pretty façade fool you, he’s beautiful on the inside too! Brains and beauty. How lovely it is to know gianmaria.

Ps. Will you please play an awesome track just for me??
May 16, 2006
Giamma is the nicest cool guy I know!
February 5, 2006
where ARE you?????????? we need you!
October 3, 2005
such a kind soul he is ~_^
March 22, 2005
At first I was shocked that Giamma didn't have more testimonials, but then I realized that kind, generous, non judgemental, fantastic, true friend, and super hottie don't even begin to sum him up. This guy is the whole kit and caboodle. Besides, most people who would ever write anything about this guy are most likely busy being enchanted with his charming presence, be it virtual or real, to try and box him up in neat packages like words.

He is a man of grace and poise, all while sporting those exotic glasses...perhaps they are a disguise for...dare I say it...a "hero".

Thanks for showing us all how to keep it real.
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