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What is all about.

Poetry. Destiny. Fate. Agriculture. Phonetics. Salamanders. Beauty. Freedom. Matchsticks. Calendars. Laundry. Velvet. Carbon copies. Lysol. Denistry. Make-believe. Giantism. The Marriage of Heaven & Earth. Holiness. Spirit. Innocense. Payment. Parsley. Fictional history. Peace. (and lots of it)

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My Testimonials

November 30, 2003
Meditating upon the name "glen wells" brings a smile to my face. "Glen": a secluded valley, "Well": an issue of water from the earth, a pool fed by a spring." Both of these names bring a feeling of refreshment to my soul. Think of the calm of sitting in a secluded valley, think of how rejuvenating a pool of spring water is to a thirsty soul, now think of Glen, he fits his name completely. His poetry flows from his heart, calming and rejuvenating others. He is talented and compassionate, two qualities that work synergistically with one another to produce beautiful results. I am blessed to call glen wells a friend and to be an audience and admirer of his work. ~Q~
October 15, 2003
Mine's definitely the "Bats" photo. You know, they're blind and use echolocution to fly around like that?
October 11, 2003
glen's phhoto's are really great...check them out. i really like the maple.
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Pleasant V. News&Transincidental Report

If perhaps time might be a kind of energy,
and space a form of matter,
the very tiniest bits of space,
its sub-atomic particles,
call them spacicles,
could twinkle in the gloaming,
drift away from distraction.

Into its own brief spotlighted dimension,
they actually might not appear as either far nor near,
dancing in their own style of 'brownian motion'.
It would seem 'floaters' are doing just this,
bobbing on the thin liquid surface of the cornea,
while the free-floating spacicles,
occasionally are revealed on just-the-other-side of eyelid.

'Raise a curtain, see the show!'
Thu, February 9, 2012 - 6:47 PM permalink - 0 comments
pix by 3gfirebrand

When you have time on your hands and some space on a shelf,
what would you build and grow with that?
Look around at all this beauty between the steam stretching to horizons
where old ruins mold, quietly and slowly whispering away,
a mere hint of breath sends them flying,
and are soon whirling,
turning ochred debris into a field of clouds.

I'd send them scurrying,
planting them with bright new born seeds,
stout and ready to sprout with stem and root.
I'd have them rain down onto the soft parade,
over and over again.
Yes, I'd do that again!
Thu, February 2, 2012 - 6:46 AM permalink - 0 comments
pic by Odg

"In 2001, the Internet Stock Bubble burst because investment banks promoted Internet companies that they knew would fail, resulting in $5 trillion in investor losses."

Assume success is self-promoting. Then follow the 'fails' who learn that some promoters are like street lamps that attract/entrap moths, or an extended course in publicly involved education. Consider it as one type of sting operation, some are asked to give until it hurts, others need an illusion of more immediate gains, one reality is not all justice is blind, visions of a future are imagined then made, rumor mills also grind to pulp and powder. The way to many a heart is through vanity. The cautious are an expected delay. Circles may not have an edge, but there are rims and gulfs, receding lines of supply, broken and diverted, dammed with torpedoes and Tridents, sea-faring bandits, off-shore, bundled in costume dramas, derived from open casting calls, the jobs were all filled and the lines were beginning to branch, not into spaces, but times, for some the past was slowly refusing to budge, hanging by its roots of communion, its promises of delusion, a compromise of faith and science by the numbers, with maths designed by hostages, accountants whose creative talents, first abused, then used as extortion tools causing design flaws and distortions, perception exceptions of rules unobeyed, regulation enacted without enforcement, slights of hand and tooth, the gaps of deception, engorging, drilling the vacuum.
Peace is not part of a puzzle, nor fit to be tied to a freedom to exact revenge. As crimes fade, so too its accomplices.
Mon, January 23, 2012 - 8:49 PM permalink - 0 comments
when you have color, you have charm
the measure of a smell is strong or weak
due to near and far
it may not wreak, yet seduce to induce
an inhale, as if to coat with an interior veil
the exhale will not be what it was otherwise

6th dimension

must you have shape to give shape?
how is it that something is so tiny as to be unforeseeable
surely it's the focus that cannot see
might it need to be every bit as small as to what it's looking for?
Thu, December 29, 2011 - 10:00 AM permalink - 2 comments

all the great notions have been taken
and all the not great ones are littered on the floor
heaped in basements, and flowing inevitably out to sea
in the backed-up sewers they breach the streets
in the rushed hours, the alleys reach a peak.
if words can raise an eyebrow
how far is it to a Titantic?
Tue, December 20, 2011 - 9:39 AM permalink - 0 comments

illusion is a distortion,
which may be of proportion,
or a perception,
clocks are a visible
and physical representation,
of a way, to measure
and a watch seen,
only explains 'relativity' in a wandering way.
Time is hardly a road,
but a still wave.
A grain of sand is nary a beach,
until it greets you,
broken free from constraints, glass and barrier reefs.
It may be that you can only take off time by first putting it on.
Fri, December 16, 2011 - 12:59 PM permalink - 0 comments
billy james, the religious one,
true is what works,
could be a labor and love,
there's sure to be spent energy,
some of them tokens,
some of them lariats,
yes, tossing out a net
and pulling in a catch,
the sun held with ovenmitts kept the day warm.
Thu, December 15, 2011 - 10:15 AM permalink - 0 comments
the sword made of steel
sometimes wood,
the one carved from a pickle was tart
how the mighty have fallen
primarily from climbing onto slippery slopes
one day we wore skis and glided
the next were boots
in which we heartily welcomed the warmth of an open fire
from the open door of a cave
was spied
the sun has risen
and the moon set aglow.
Thu, December 15, 2011 - 10:14 AM permalink - 0 comments
laws of nature, as in physical laws, that are either universal or in a defacto condition of...unbreakable.
or put it this way:
light travels at two basic speeds: fastest and slower. (perhaps a holding pattern or paused is a third basic speed (O)
it may be a minor problem.
must a citizen not be allowed to refuse housing, clothing, nutrition, or in a word access?
Perhaps in the reach for zero-anti-tolerance/anti-compliance/anti-access things don't seem to happen in universal or even global concert. The disparity of have-a-lots, have-enoughs, and have-too-littles.
But then Bertrand Russell wondered if paradise/utopia-like might ensue when people valued/plotted their own happiness more than the unhappiness of others.

A rule:
be kind.

this earth, this place, the floating menagerie is not a collection
though of course it does collect
sometimes rapidly and passionately, all too often or too easy to overlook and not notice
the slow and calm, for surely it evaporates and disappears in less than a blink,
not so much now you see, now you don't
never did, or maybe will.
Mon, December 5, 2011 - 12:31 PM permalink - 0 comments
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Elusive Butterfly

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If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out

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Heaven For Everyone

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about me
From Henderson, Kentucky, now residing in Evansville, Indiana. Semi-retired from profit making employment, part-time Help Desk Assistant at the Evansville-Vanderburgh Public Library and as full as time allows as reader, writer and wanderer. .Poetry seems as another way to breathe or reason so far as imagination can reach, poems of thought retreats from the inner space of mind and transmits these signals, vigils and artifacts of history, myth, speculation and conjectures of space frontiers and time passages. As the reader listens intently, the poet speaks joyously, erupting in a torrent of words, phrases, puns, mixed metaphors and looks for a tiny light peeking from behind those inviting eyes and an allure that befalls all shadows that speak in smiles and laughs to a tune that weaves story into allegory and rests in the silences of folds and pink shaded whispers of come...come...enrapture me yet again.
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Midnight At The Oasis

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Dancing Barefoot - Patti Smith

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Let It Go - Grace Slick

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Mud Puddles
Review by Ellen Sprepski

Unfortunately, in our present age; it is not often that we get many opportunities to have someone touch the positive "fruits of the Spirit" within us.
But with "Mud Puddles," this book of written thoughts by published poet Dustin Rivers, an individual is given a refuge to offset our current society's fixation with in-your-face everything.

Rivers has a degree of insight that takes the reader to the extreme edges of our senses and experiences. His chosen vehicles are word-couplings and story-telling, which create almost limitless paradigms of gentleness, caring and delight. As always, it becomes a personaladigms of gentleness, caring and delight. As always, it becomes a personal matter to pick and choose what is to be retained: There is a diversity of thought-provoking offerings.

So find a quiet spot, sit comfortably, and read, read, read - letting "Mud Puddles" surround and envelop your heart, mind and soul. You won't be able to put the book down: Whether it's the sheer beauty found in the poem, "Just A Little Song"; the wisdom of phrases such as, "if you're not having fun you're playing the wrong game"; or the oh-so-hilarious moments in "Thelma & Clyde" and "Submerged" - the latter an encounter (!) between the writer and a giant clam "eyeing (him) for lunch". I laugh every time I think of the situation, much less go back and re-read it!

Although a fairly recent gift to the public, Rivers artistry will definitely, continually, be a major factor for anyone's inner development. The reality he sees is true and lasting.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, Mr. Dustin Rivers! The world, these days, is a much, much better place because you and your creative abilities are now a part of it.

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Exploring children's world in one French schoolhouse
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Poker Without Cards
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To whom it may concern,
If something happens to me and I die suddenly, I want you to know of the extraor... read more
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