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The Pope discusses Jesus, The Essenes and Vegetarianism

   Wed, April 11, 2007 - 2:51 PM
Now here is some interesting news! The Pope discusses Jesus' connection to the Essenes,
which were a strict sect of Judaism practicing vegetarianism and raw foods.

Perhaps this is the beginning of the emergence of many suppressed truths by the Vatican as our Alien friends told us would need to happen as we make First Contact (see previous blog post). You see, they say that the religions were man made and not creator made, so many peoples stories and belief systems may come radically and rapidly crumbling down once our galactic brethren appear. Ask yourself if you really think religions were designed to control the people or free and empower the people as a true Spiritual Path would.

It will be curious to see what impact this information has on people's religious/spiritual beliefs, as well as what impact it may have on their diets. To me it is time for all of us to re-evaluate our direction and situation and find common ground based on moral and ethical principals that we can all agree upon and work toward actualizing in a moment by moment and choice by choice basis. What is our common goal? Self responsibility, self actualization and being part of solution is an empowering and meaningful way to heal the Earth and our relationships.

With Love and Respect,


Pope links Jesus to mysterious sect
April 08 2007

Pope Benedict XVI this week linked Jesus with the Essene Jews, saying that he used the Passover calendar of the mysterious sect known through the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Pope said Jesus "celebrated Easter with his disciples probably according to the Qumran calendar, and thus at least the day before" mainstream observances at the time.

Benedict said this hypothesis was "not yet accepted by everyone" but that it was the most "probable" explanation for contradictions between the different Gospels on the life of Christ.

In the Gospel of John, Jesus dies on the cross during Passover, and
lambs are sacrificed in the Temple of Jerusalem, while in the other
three Gospels his last meal - the Last Supper - with his disciples
was a Passover Seder.

In addition, the Pope said on Thursday, Jesus celebrated
Passover "without a lamb, as did the Essene community", which did not
sacrifice animals. "Instead of the lamb he offered himself, he
offered his life," Benedict added.


Last Supper explanation excites scholars

By Malcolm Moore
Last Updated: 1:18am BST 07/04/2007

The Pope has sought to resolve a 2,000-year-old dispute about the
Last Supper. Theologians have long argued over whether the meal that
Jesus had with his disciples was the traditional Passover menu of
roast lamb.

The gospel of St John states that Jesus was crucified on the day of
preparation for the Passover, the day before. St Mark says that Jesus
requested a room to "eat the Passover with my disciples". The Pope
explained that Jesus could have celebrated the meal not according to
the lunar calendar, but according to the solar calendar which is
outlined in the Dead Sea scrolls. "He probably ate with his disciples
according to the Qumran calendar, which is to say at least a day
before, and he would have celebrated it without roast lamb, in the
same way as the Essene community at Qumran."

The Pope's explanation was hailed as radical by theologians, who
added that it reinforced the possibility that Jesus was an Essene.


Pope Notes Hypothesis on Date of Passover
Says Christ Likely Followed Essene Calendar

Date: 2007-04-06

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 6, 2007 (Zenit.org).- It is likely that Jesus
followed the calendar of the Essenes of Qumran, possibly explaining
some contradictions within the Gospel accounts of the Passover, says
Benedict XVI.

The Pope made this observation Holy Thursday in his homily during
the Mass of the Lord's Supper at the Basilica of St. John Lateran.

In his address, the theologian commented on the historical
investigations on the manuscripts of Qumran, found in the Dead Sea in

"In the narrations of the Evangelists, there is an apparent
contradiction between the Gospel of John, on one hand, and what, on
the other hand, Matthew, Mark and Luke tell us," said Benedict XVI.

The Pope continued: "According to John, Jesus died on the cross
precisely at the moment in which, in the temple, the Passover lambs
were being sacrificed. His death and the sacrifice of the lambs

"This means that he died on the eve of Passover, and that,
therefore, he could not have personally celebrated the paschal
supper, at least this is what it would seem."

The Holy Father said that according to an interpretation of the
texts, "still not accepted by all," Jesus "celebrated Passover with
his disciples probably according to the calendar of Qumran, that is
to say, at least one day earlier -- he celebrated without a lamb,
like the Qumran community who did not recognize the Temple of Herod
and was waiting for a new temple."

Cardinal Albert Vanhoye, former rector of the Pontifical Biblical
Institute of Rome, explained that in Jesus' time the calendar of the
Essenes was more traditional that the one more recently adopted by
the priests of Jerusalem. He said that this doesn't signify that
Jesus formed part of the Essenes.

The new lamb

Benedict XVI, however, said that it does imply that
Jesus "celebrated Passover without a lamb, no, not without a lamb:
Instead of the lamb he gave himself, his body and his blood."

The Pope continued: "And he himself was the true temple, the living
temple, the one in which God lives, in which we can find ourselves
with God and adore him.


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Wed, April 11, 2007 - 2:57 PM
Peace begins Within!
The Essene's Most Profound Spiritual Principal:

1. Peace with the Body
2. Peace with the Mind
3. Peace with the Family
4. Peace with Humanity
5. Peace with Wisdom of the Ancients/Culture
6. Peace with Earthly Mother
7. Peace with the Heavenly Father

Peace begins within! As within, So without!
It is Law! You want to talk about Cosmic Laws such as the Law of Attraction ... well this is another one! Manifest peace within and it will be created on the outside too!
Wed, April 11, 2007 - 3:00 PM
How's this for some common ground to work with?
I know that I've posted this a few times ... and will continue to do so! ;-)

The Essene Biogenic Credo

We believe that our most precious possession is Life.

We believe we shall mobilize all the forces of Life against the forces of death.

We believe that mutual understanding leads toward mutual cooperation; that mutual cooperation leads toward Peace; and that Peace is the only way of survival for mankind.

We believe that we shall preserve instead of waste our natural resources, which are the heritage of our children.

We believe that we shall avoid the pollution of our air, water, and soil, the basic preconditions of Life.

We believe we shall preserve the vegetation of our planet: the humble grass which came fifty million years ago, and the majestic trees which came twenty million years ago to prepare our planet ofr mankind.

We believe we shall eat only fresh, pure, natural, whole foods, without chemicals and artificial processing.

We believe we shall live a simple, natural, creative life, absorbing all the sources of energy, harmony and knowledge.

We believe that the improvement of life and mankind on our planet must start with individual efforts, as the whole depends on the atoms composing it.

We believe in the Fatherhood of God, the Motherhood of Nature, and the Brotherhood of Man.

~ composed in Paris in 1928 by Romain Rolland and Edmond Bordeaux Szekely

Peace Be With You!
Thu, April 12, 2007 - 6:32 PM
Love it, thanks Heather. Good news!
Sun, April 22, 2007 - 1:20 PM
...and the truth shall set you free
time coded information...so many things make sense now. It's about time!
Mon, September 23, 2013 - 12:48 AM
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