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Once again, that censorship thing has me "singing my tune....."

   Fri, June 27, 2008 - 11:52 PM
I had this to say, again and again, I have this to say, and, I say it again.......I like being me, and being able to be me, I like you being able to be you, and me able to decide whether I like you or not, and you being able to decide whether you like me or not, and all of that is just okey dokey. And we can also decide not to pay attention or not....and we can decide do do something, or do nothing, that is our choice.

That "said".....I like being naked. Being able to say and do what I want, when I want, where I want, because I want, when I chose to and not, and to respect others' right to do the same......I really respect the right of expression. So, THAT said...I would like to share something I has to do with censorship..........on the Love to be Naked tribe....

Okay.....I am here, for a moment....and strangely - well, maybe normal for mwa, saw what I needed, and have something to say.........

First, I apologize for my absence. But I am also thankful for it. You might be too?

If you were at all attracted to this place because of its nature, its natural and almost archaic seed of conception....the bare reality of freedom; a true expression of self, truly acting upon the statement, "I don't dance on command!" and "Don't stop me from being me!" ....the raw feeling of true nudity, this tribe was created out of an instantaneous and truly harmonious knee jerk reaction to a spontaneously hilarious idea that the world could actually have a place where humans could be themselves, and be who they are no matter WHAT, no matter WHO, no matter how. Tribe had announced a censorship issue that pissed me off. I have been pissed off before, and I have been pissed off since. But, this issue of censorship seems to find a way to continually piss me off. Well, I decide to piss on it. Piss on it every chance I find the need to. Piss on it just to piss on it.

So, thank you tmoss, I hope I did as you requested, please correct me if I was wrong. I do not believe in censorship. I will not remove or discourage conversations of any nature. For this, I will never apologize.

Funny. How the things in life that you are perhaps supposed to be paying attention to find there way to you no matter the blinders you choose to wear. As I was blindly navigating my way through my existence as of late, really just making sure there is food on the table each day and gas in the honda damn combustion fuck up, oh, and that the person who signs my paycheck gets theirs at my expense….oh, sorry, I not only said potty mouth words, I am venting….BUT……..explicative explicatvie explicative……, the issue of censorship hit me upside the head a few too many times. Hello Kymber, Pay the fuck attention to THIS…….

Anyway….I do say, I am sorry for not paying attention. However, I probably would only have had instigating things to say, and nothing to delete, like some moderators do, or some others threat……and maybe some would like that and some not…..but that IS a part of the naked truth…being who you are, and accepting that others may not agree with you, and being that way anyway., because it is how you are, what you believe, your naked reality.

I only came here today because of a personal invitation to delete a comment made by the person requesting the deletion, who was the person who made the comment. I believe that kind of censorship to be TOTALLY appropriate. While browsing to find what that person meant, the thread that caught my eye was a post by “unsub-“suspicious”scribed,” the way to christ…, with curiousity, I entered.

I only spent about two seconds scrolling to catch the gist of the conversation. I was AMAZINGLY proud of this tribe. I LOVE ALL OF YOU. I also read, loud and clear, “WHERE IS THE MODERATOR OF THIS TRIBE?…”

I believe I did what I would have done had I seen this post on its first day. This tribe is about the freedom of expression. I believe it is also about belonging to a group of like-minded individuals who also believe in this same freedom of expression, those who love the naked truth, despite its reality.

So, I believe that it is okay for some freak to post some completely off topic thread, for their own delight, anywhere, anytime. It is a hell of a lot better than getting that all invasive telephone call at your home during family time trying to sell you something you don’t really need, or ask you questions you don’t have the time or patience to answer, or he forever determined johovas witness who knock on your door EVERY FUCKING WEEKEND because you are too nice to say, "Go the fuck away you invasive god damn freak!"

I am so proud of all of you for how you handled this goofball.

*By the way, notice, I spent two seconds to find this out, so I obviously did not get to read in detail everything, but I was roflmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! At what I did read…and I promise to take some time to read more!

Anyway. The last time I took time out to get involved with any so called “drama” on tribe had to do with this censorship issue, AGAIN and, did not happen that long ago, hence maybe why this long ass novel…….

The conversation did have a lot to do with the question as to whether someone just has the right to post off topic threads….for instance, on a tribe dedicated to the love of music and the community supporting it, does a member, ***AND THIS IS THE IRONY OF THE CONVERSATION I AM TALKING ABOUT**** does a member, not the moderator, and then of course it went to, should the moderator, have the “right”…to delete threads that are “off topic”.

Anyway. My stance now and forever, and THANK YOU FOR BEING MY FOOTNOTE……is that anyone should be able to say whatever they want wherever they want. It is up to the COMMUNITY to accept or change the outcome of that interaction. The community can embrace the conversation, or the community can kick that fucking asshole right off the playing field. You can engage in that dinnertime conversation, or you can hang up, or refuse to take the call altogether. …..your response…..

God job.

****For those of you with delicate ear, I appologize for the potty mouth. I really do have other words to use, but sometimes it just feels so darn good to say those nasty words that it is worth making the appology, and even worth it sometimes if it is not accepted. I do keep that in check, being the mom that I am, and, as a matter of fact, I actually shared all of this with my 12 year old while she was entertaining my 18 month old so I can get this SHIT off my chest, and she said it was not that bad….ha ha ha.

But, this is where I can freely express myself, so, are you glad I was silent or no?

P.S. I really do believe that when you can take the time to express yourself with your fingers, you have the reflection time to make sure you use the most appropriate words to express your feelings. I don’t use words with my fingers that are offensive to ones ears on the norm, but, of course, here I can be naked, and explain to my children that there are rough spots that maybe they won’t want to touch, but they are what make me who I am, and they must love me for who I am, not who they wish I would be.

My kids are so great!

Anyway, namaste,


okay, I am off my soap mas en el cajon de la jobon de mio? * I obviously need lessons.....

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Thu, April 23, 2009 - 8:59 AM
naked is good..........!