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the Beloved

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Form is Ecstatic

There is a shimmering excitement in
being sentient and shaped. The

caravan master see his camels lost
in it, nose to tail, as he himself is,

his friend, and the stranger coming
toward them. A gardener watches the

sky break into song, cloud wobbly with
what it is. Bud, thorn, the same.

Wind, water, wandering this essential
state. Fire, ground, gone. That's

how it is with the outside. Form
is ecstatic. Now imagine the inner:

soul, intelligence, the secret worlds!
And don't think the garden loses its

ecstasy in winter. It's quiet, but
the roots down there are riotous.

If someone bumps you in the street,
don't be angry. Everyone careens

about in this surprise. Respond in
kind. Let the knots untie, turbans

be given away. Someone drunk on this
could drink a donkeyload a night.

Believer, unbeliever, cynic, lover,
all combine in the spirit-form we are,

but no one yet is awake like Shams.

Jelaluddin Rumi

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love for Certain Work

Traveling is as refreshing for some as staying at home
is for others. Solitude

in a mountain place fills with companionship for this
one, dead-weariness

for that one. This person loves being in charge of the
working of a community. This

one loves the ways that heated iron can be shaped with
a hammer. Each has been

given a strong desire for certain work, love for those
motions, and all motion

is love. The way sticks and pieces of dead grass and
leaves shift about in

the wind and with the directions of rain and puddle water
on the ground, those

motions are following the love they've been given.


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Arcosanti (photo by codyr/flickr)
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Naked in A Room
Cry Open
Waiting Falls In

Then you wake up

Anonymous Swede, NYE 2005, left as a poem on fridge magnets and sent to Dr Sparks at arcosanti via postcard

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life existential

2. Earth
One of the four timeless hexagrams. Pure yin; represents receptivity, submission,
humility, obedience, yielding, flexibility, stillness, essence, innate


49. Revolution
Refining personal desires to become unselfish.

51. Thunder
Practicing introspection in action.

46. Rising
Climbing from lowliness to the heights; carefully watching over the development

62. Predominance of the Small
Being fulfilled but acting empty; inwardly
firm, ou... read more
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Dragon's Play

about me
Canadian born, in Toronto. I spent 14 years in Vancouver, in a French and English bilingual school. After that, I met some kids in a pie shop I worked at and moved to Montreal. Before long, I was living in the Bay Area, working with my dad. I went to Europe for a summer, then lived in Seattle for 5 years, attending the Art Institute there. On a hitchhiking tour of the Southwest I found Arcosanti due to some research I had done in Sim Van Der Ryn's book: Ecological Design. I moved there, and before returning to the west coast, I did an apprenticeship to learn about Aquaculture and Modular Housing from Pliny Fisk at the Center for Maximum Potential Building Systems in Austin, Texas. I am currently living on the NorthWest Coast of the Pacific Rim, in the Salmon Nation.
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Let The Way Itself Arrive

Desires come, my wishes and longing.
I am tied up, knot on top of knot.

Then you that untie me come. Enough
talk of being on the "path"! Let

the 'way' itself arrive. You picked up
a handful of earth; I was in that

handful. I can say the difference
between good and bad, but not how I

know your beauty. Mind refuses to
burn with love. Saladin is central,

yet hidden. The quth, the pole of
love, reaches here to this ground.


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