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September Concerts

   Wed, October 3, 2007 - 4:31 PM
Istanpitta has been involved with several concerts this past month whereupon we performed the Pilgrimage program for Cleveland State University and Delaware Valley College near Philadelphia. Both concerts were very successful. As you can imagine I am worn out with regards to so much travelling and am very glad to stay home for awhile. Although we will be involved with Texas Renaissance Festival for the next two months but it is relatively local and for me, involves no air travel. I must be getting more picky with regards to hotel accommodations of late as the Days Inn that we stayed in near Philadelphia Airport had some type of bugs in the bed (not bed bugs thank goodness) that totally grossed me out. It was only in one of our rooms so the other room was okay. Still at $80 a night you would expect better. Fortunately the other 2 rooms including mine were okay. 2 of my players changed rooms and all was well. The Delaware Valley College was the first time for Megan Beller to perform with us on vielle. A most excellent and accomplished player out of Eastman School of Music. Her little one, name Naftali, was singing "Santa Maria" over and over after the concert. I promise not to tell their Rabbi :) Not sure he would be pleased.
I think it is almost funny that of all the viellist that perform with Istanpitta, only one is a gentile (goya) which is Ginna Watson. All the rest are Jewish. Just interesting. Of course finding fiddle players that fit the criteria is not at all easy. Classically trained with folk music experience. Not always an easy combination to fit.

Prior to the Delaware College gig, I had been in Bethlehem PA for 2 gigs associated with the Celtic Classic Festival. I performed as an octave mandolin player for a group called Clandestine.

What a rush that was.

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Wed, October 3, 2007 - 6:25 PM
Wow! Whgat a lot of traveling. Nothing near South Carolina this time though.