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April 16, 2006
JB's out there- he puts it down in song or in stone.
You know when he enters a place
cause he announces his arrival.

He plays the hell out of the guitar
and has fun.... always.
May 17, 2005
J.B. Willit is my brother and there are many things I like about him; but the biggest thing I admirer is when life has hit him hard and knocked him down,(and it has happened a few times), he gets right back up and starts the good fight for life again. J.B. also is a very talented Mason and Musician; the two occupations may not seem to go hand in hand but I have worked with him and what he can can do with bricks,stones,and mortar is an art in it's self. I am very impressed with his knowledge and strength in the field of Masonry. And then there another side to him; the Musician who is not frightened to stand in front of crowds and perform, he is very affable, like Will Rogers I don't think he's ever met anyone he didn't like. I have watched him compose and sing; his knowledge,skill, and artistic sensitivity in performing his music reminds me of Johnny Cash, (just a driffent kind of music), because he had to teach himself while going down a very hard and rough road of life. I wish I was able to spend more time with him but life keeps sending us down different roads; and I have always told myself I will save that road for a different day,(like in the poem,"A Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost.), I hope I will get to that Road soon. For I'm proud of my brother and I love him and I may be running out of days. R.G.B.
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about me
new CD " A Touch Like That "
see how to order there and listen to tracts
I am also at Willit

Theres alot I will work on this.strange as it seems I am a bit of a recluse I go out with people I know or the woman who guards my heart I love everybody I meet .I am a song writer
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life the universe and things

Sat, August 29, 2009 - 9:19 AM permalink - 0 comments
this is cool i like twitter you should all follow me ,
Sat, August 29, 2009 - 8:59 AM permalink - 0 comments
so to order go to my new web site Willit 16 songs no covers
You can get on board there (you really should I reccomend this new tech ) Willit
Wed, July 22, 2009 - 12:24 AM permalink - 0 comments
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