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Our new president uses the word "energy" (in the energetic spritual sense)! I love it. He is exactly what we need to survive and thrive. I am in love...
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I just have to express my complete and utter joy about these elections! Finally, something hopeful. Tonight, I almost felt like the past 8 years of deceipt and lack of trust in our power to choose was made up for in the reality of the first black president of the United States of America! What an amazing, historical healing! I feel so hopeful for change, for equality, for a healing of the people and this land. If it wasn't for having lived through 8 years of Bush, I don't know if we'd be where we are tonight. Bush primed us for some SERIOUS change. And for that, I am so greatful.

And so, let us all wrap Obama in protective light, sending him healings and support so that he may live up to the hope he represents. He has a long, hard job ahead, no doubt. May he be guided and protected by Angelic light. Amen.
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I'll be heading up to Portland sooner than I thought, going through Shasta as soon as this weekend (Aug. 8-10, for Andrea Shanti's wedding...we don't know each other yet :o) ) and from there to Portland, as soon as Aug. 11th, and can hang out till Beloved on Aug. 15th. After that, I am open, and will either head back down south, or come for more Portland time.

Neo, does that help?
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Visiting Oregon

I can't remember the last time I wrote... Well, there will be lots of gaps I'm sure.

I have been in Marin County for the past couple months, working with my flower essences, doing massage and healing work, and housesitting. I attended Harmony Festival in Sonoma CA and Mystic Garden Party in Ashland OR, where I practiced healing massage and sold my line of Lakshmi Pocean Essences and other crafts. I debuted a flower essence workshop, which was magical, and hope to launch a bunch of workshop opportunities, so I can help spread the beauty and ease of flower essences - vibrational medicine from the plant realm.

I am making a trip up to Oregon the second part of August. I will be heading up Aug. 13th, stopping in Shasta, and then to the new festival Beloved (, two hours from Portland and Eugene. From there, I will make a trip to Portland, where I haven't visited in...years. If anyone is there, and would like to hang out, let me know! I would like to teach a Flower Essence introductory workshop anywhere along the way. if you know anyone who is interested, again, let me know!

I would like to stop by Ashland on my way back down to California. I just have to be back for the Women's Herbal Symposium, the last week of Aug (no, I will not be at Burning Man. Still not ready for the intensity of that amazing journey. I'd rather be in the woods with a bunch of herbalists).

I will be working at Earthdance again this year (3rd year in a row), where I will be in the Healing Village, offering massage (swedish/esalen, cranial sacral, myofascial release, reflexology, reiki, sound therapy, flower essences...), and selling my line of Lakshmi Pocean Essences. As far as a home, house sitting seems to work just fine, so I'm puting it out there to manifest more of those jobs.

I hope to see any one of you along the way! And if you or anyone you know has a friend who needs a ride anywhere along my route, let me know :o)

Bliss and Blessings!

Jeannine Maria *Pocean*
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I'm currently out of the office...

Aloha! For those of you who are wondering, where might the Pocean girl be? I am in Hawaii, Big Island. I have been here about one month, soaking up Pele's root chakra healing energy...ahh. I did the Living Mandala's permaculture intensive (great experience! Now I just want land!), and am now staying on the Puna side, at a place called Pangaia, where I've been doing some work trade to stay, and perhaps soon I will be doing a work trade on a land called Coco's (Center Of Conscience Oneness), where I hope to put the permaculture skills to work. There is a chance I might make it to Kauai as well. So, I plan on seeing myself back on the mainland once I've reached a state of a couple weeks to a couple months... I'm just letting the Aloha spirit teach me right now.

I do not have a camera, so have no photos. However, there should be a sight up soon with pictures from my permaculture intensive - it was a fabulous group of people, and a magical land.

Blessing to you all!
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the one i seek

What I've been asking for all along:

I don't want to have to envision first
that which I desire.
I don't want to have to look for him,
that's too much work.
I just want to see him and know that he's mine,
and I'm his,
and that we'll love each other forever...
until death do us part.
That I take care of him,
and he takes care of me.
And keeps me warm and in good company,
no matter what.

And now I see that it was he,
my dear cat Figaro,
all along.
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A year of collapse

What a year. It was like a burrito; time came in on itself, months felt like years, old events felt fresh... Things fell apart, still ricocheting from collapse, still reconfiguring. I know there are those of you who relate, for I've met many others "like me".

I watched a miracle sunset Dec. 31st, 2007, with a dog companion named Jasmine. I was hiking in Olema, near the California coast. The sunset brought me to my knees. I felt regret, sadness - the pain of loss in 2007. In October 2007, in a state of confusion, I transitioned myself (metaphorically and quite literally) into storage. While looked for a temporary home for my dear beloved boyfriend/cat, Figaro, he disappeared in Berkeley... Events were maddeningly out of my control. All my plans of travel, of taking a step back to gain perspective of where to go, where to be, all came to a dark spiraling halt. Instead of making moves, I took a pause. Figaro had been with me for over 6 years. He came to me as a sweet, mellow kitten, given to me by one of my favorite kindergarten students, Henry, when I taught at the Portland French School in 2001, year of 9/11. I raised him from kittenhood and he kept me grounded and loved while moving and traveling for 6 years, SIX YEARS. 1/5 of this lifetime thus far.

As the sun set, I saw him in the sky, bright light, infinity. I cried out for forgiveness. I had been responsible for his safety, his comfort, his happiness. I failed him. (As I beg for forgiveness, I recognize that I really seek forgiveness from myself. I try this one on for size: I am responsible for my safety, my comfort, my happiness…). There must be a divine plan for Figaro’s eternal happiness, his sweetness deserves it. I pray that he is safe and loved everyday. As I cried out the last Gregorian day of the year, dry heaves and wet teary cries, I felt movement in my core, my physical and emotional body. Stuck energy exiting out my mouth into the sunset. All of the frustrations of the year - the illness that I have been nurturing since a bit before his disappearance, I felt the tears coming from the part of my body I've been working to heal. How miraculous life is.

The day before, I opened up "A New Earth", by Eckhart Tolke, to these words:

"When forms that you had identified with, that gave you your sense of self, collapse or are taken away, it can lead to a collapse of the ego, since ego is identification with form. ... When forms around you die or death approaches, your sense of Beingness, of I Am, is freed. ... Spirit is released from its imprisonment in matter. ... The ultimate truth of who you are is not I am this or I am that, but I Am."

Now, the next part is key, 'cause it's not as simple as collapse to gain freedom from the ego. In reaction to this loss, "some immediately create a strong mental image or thought form in which they see themselves as a victim... [emotions of] anger, resentment, self-pity...takes the place of all the other identifications that have collapsed... the ego quickly finds a new form [that is] more rigid and impenetrable than the old one." (pg. 56-57)

Don't we all know this story to some extent? Isn't this the depression that can follow great loss? According to my astrology, this lifetime is designed for experiencing things greatly and deeply. For healing, for teaching, and for release of the ego. It is time to accept that I experience things deeply. No more fighting it, as I have done in the past. Life here can be like a playground, designed for learning. Trial and error. Might I paraphrase an elder I was blessed to hear speak: While we’re here, we might as well celebrate!

As I journey within self, here on land, water and ether, I release, I accept, I relinquish, I open, lighter, clearer, free.

"I Am".

Happy New Years


Intentions: Healthy, Happy, Whole, Home, Centered in Truth, Knowledge of Truth, Abundant
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Frustration, emotional rebirth, coming into self and home.

I have dived into a new form of poetry, which may or may not be comprehendible. I have no idea what this technique is called, if it even exists outside of my mind. I have taken words to describe situations and emotions I've recently been experiencing and written a word for each letter, creating perhaps nonsensical poems.

1. "chaos"

cryptic hurricanes arousing organized systems

2. "newborn, trusting hope, belonging home. frustrated"

native emergence when breathing outwardly, reaching nowhere.
total release under sacred toality, integrating nano glitches.
having outstretched prana everywhere,
being everything, like oceans...nothingness.
going inward, negotiating G-d.
hope of moon elves fucking reverse under strained terrain,
rafting after tongues inwardly oriented nowhere.

3. "outward movement, others don't need to understand everything"

orderly under total war, arranging raging dust
more orderly venom ensues most eternal night transcendence
outrage transforms hunger, eternaly raising sound
destiny ordains nothing outside truth
notice enthusiasm entering doubt towards others
uproars negotiate desirable endings, rousing sustainable truth and nonviolent dances
eternal voice echoing round your thoughts, hovering in naked glory

4. "open communication"

outward potential entering now
communion of mind, matter unto neither inclusion
catering attention to intricate one ness
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Taoality of Timing Tides a-Churnin'

Time is like a burrito, it touches itself on the edges, and is filled with whatever you choose. This is from some obscure flick I watched in the 80s called Peggy Sue Got Married, one of Nicolas Cage's first films. This simplistic analogy of time really struck me at the time, and I consistently go back to that idea as my life expands, elongates, and becomes less and less linear. This summer as catalyzed so many shifts and mini/enormous deaths, that I am not sure if "Jeannine" exists anymore. (I have recently let go of Jeannine, and am embrassing my middle name, Maria. Welcoming in the Mother Mary and the Priestesse Magdelene liniage.) In one swooping moment, I learned I must move once more, my car did not work, my circle of friends disappeared, and my health declined. I went through one of the most intense periods of inward healing I have ever been through in this lifetime. I am left now, after an amazing summer of festivals, flower essence vending, massage and healing of others and self, with a new shell that is still hardening to house my spirit through this lifetime. I sit here, my room to pack up once more, my kitty to find a sitter for, a storage unit to find, and an unknown future at my threshold. I will put my affairs in storage while I release my control to the universal/yoniversal current that has been tossing and shaking me all along. I feel the need to step away from the Bay Area and see what else is out there for me. Any hits, invites, suggestions are very welcome.
As the past few months churned along, I realized that I am not the only one experiencing these intense shifts. Our mother planet has been going through this too, and many of our lives are reflecting it. Let us love her, each other, and all realms of existance and being.

Here are some new vocabulary words I picked up at the last festival I attended near Angels Camp, CA called Symbiosis:


Let us welcome the new society we are forming with our love and intensions of healing, cradeling each other as family, lovers and friends.


Maria Pocean
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