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I am a freelance conservation worker in Central America, I also dabble in a bit of folk music which picks up a reggae edge from living down here for so long (9 years) I have also been guiding caves and rivers in the jungle, as well as Sea kayaking, windsurfing, and SCUBA out on the reefs and cayes off the coast of Belize. I am now dividing my time between playing music and taking that to the next level up in the US, and guiding what i have coined 'Conservation Adventure Tours' in Belize where floating rivers is also an opportunity to collect valuable map data on environmental impacts and water quality for regional watershed maps. Check out for more about what I am up to. and original Mp3 music. Write and let me know what you think of it. thanks
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rio nexpa rivermouth, Michuacan, Mexico
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So i have been on the road, getting bounced and tossed around by the experience, and still feeling like i am just at the beginning of my journey. (because i am)

So here's a synopsis of where i've been and how I got here...

I was in the US this summer and started the process of pushing my music to the next level. I felt the pull and then the push and decided to head south again. I made a loop down to Belize to carry 4 kayaks on top of a small car. i floated a few rivers and felt th... read more
Wed, December 5, 2007 - 10:52 AM permalink - 0 comments
Hey folks, I am in the states right now, just up from belize and other Central american travels. I am trying to make it to a next level with my music here, hopefully to make a batch of 1000 cds with liner notes and lyrics etc... this will be a step up from burning Cds by the hundred and making envelopes. i really want to record some of my new stuff, but i would like to have last year's "try on life" album to a finished state before i move on. I would also like to play some gigs around the... read more
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