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Jesus the Penis.....

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My Testimonials

December 25, 2007
On this holiday that we share i wanted to let you know how much i appreciate you and your light and am thankful for all the wonderful moments we have shared. You are definitely one of life's amazing gifts.
February 24, 2006
when i first met JP, it was at decom, hmmm...three years ago? seems like a long time...he was new, and just showed up to see what it was all about. he got kinda blown away by the love & friendship that consumes this community, he was definately ready to run right in & fit in....because he is a compassionate kind-hearted soul, there was no doubt in my mind, he had found a place to be with all of us crazy fun-lovin burners!
We've been friends ever since, and i appreciate his openess & honesty. To hang with him, is to feel his presence & embrace all around you, and also get a killer backrub!!
thank you JP for being a wonderful friend.
much love, sweet
January 3, 2006
What I like the most about JP is his style. He ozzes charisma. He is nice, compassionate, intelligent, sincere, a hard worker, and a loyal friend. He is one of those guys you seek out in any room. He has an energy that draws you in. As I sit here and think about him I reflect on how smart his conversations have been. I think about how much fun he is to be around. I think about how glad I am to have spent time with him. His wit surely is quick and his sense of humor is catchy. Watching his fire spinning progress from novice to expert has been a pleasure. With JP you will always know where you stand. With JP you want to make the time to talk with him. With JP you have a great friend.
November 17, 2005
and....JP makes a MEAN breakfast! Thanks again for feeding me at Decom....
September 21, 2005
Always ready to give ya a hug and say something sweet to make your day!! Thats the kind of guy JP is!! I always look forward to his endearing Hugs!!
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about me
I am a contractor and Architect. love working with my hands. Running on trails that are wild and rugged and to be in nature. Burning man second year last year, camped with Liquid Diet Lounge. Now, working on opening my heart up more with a greater willingness to try many new things. I love being with friends. Enjoy dancing all night long at parties. I started Hula Hoping and fire spinning two years ago. I really love where thats going now. I have worked many years in ceramics. now working in other mediums for the past few years and in the process of building an art car to. Started studying Yoga and tantric healing in ernest a few months ago. I is such a beginner with so far to grow. Working out and eating well are important. Enjoy being fit and healthy.
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