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June 5, 2006
I don't even know this guy!.....(i thought that would be funny)
Actually this man was the orchestrator of the sixth dimensional circus tent of Gobulastics Fantastical Wonder Room of Infinite Spandex. He got a standing ovation from Romulock the Bongaloid, which only happens once every 5,000 spongles. Congratulations! Love ya man!
July 22, 2004
Oh Coco, I count the whys that I love you...

1~house boys work!
2. wicked laughter
8_eternal sunshine
9`of the spotless kitchen
0!The best man whore I've yet known.
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Mucho Gusto

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See James in Throwing Bones. ( events » arts ) "...Throwing Bones succeeds as an examination of culture clash, medical and otherwise."
-- Ben Waterhouse, Willamette Week

"Its triumph is that it ventures into the shadows of illness, death and grief with such an abundance of not just compa... read more
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GOOD's run is sold out
so we're adding one late-nite show

This coming Saturday, June 23
$15 a ticket

no reservations
don't call, don't buy online
show up at SE 7th and Ash at the Subaru Service Center facility
at 11pm when the line officially forms-
first 32 people will be in
cash only

see you there

Tue, June 19, 2007 - 6:18 PM permalink - 0 comments
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