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July 15, 2007
If you are ever in need of a good rumble, this is the man to call.
If you are ever in need to some kombucha to put some pow in your palette, this is the man to call.
If you are ever in the need of some obscene works of art, this is the man to call.
If you are ever in the need of someone to be über gross, this is the man to call.

If you are ever in the need of someone to teach you the fine art of Japanese Flower Arranging, I have the feeling this is not the man to call.
April 11, 2007
i love the new art
i hope out of all of the looming clouds of
portland you have some goddesses who love you
for who you are
cuz you have some down here

many blessings!
November 21, 2006
He's so cool. It was his suggestion that white get with rice in the first place. You better believe they listened to him.

May 31, 2006

We miss you, too!!! Totally haven't been on-line lately. 'Jayne and I finally gor our real estate liscences. She is working loans and I am growing and farming my network. Alot has happened since you've been away. We moved to a bigger place in chula vista. I'm buying a house down here with my ma. My share of the payment is going to be low enough that it just works out. I totally want to come visit. We are working so hard so that we might be able to go burning man. We really miss you!!!
August 19, 2005
My PeterPan.
You left the family so sudden.
I am sad and puzzled.
What have befallen you my friend, something so terrible you couldn't share with us?
We miss you. I miss you.
The letter you left me, raised more questions than it answered.
I want to know.
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Mis Amigos

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PAN-Galactic Poemy and Updata

You can take a train, and wave to all the people going by on their two legs,
You can fly in a plane and see all them scurry like ants below,
You can walk or run or crawl on hands and knees, but have fun child, have fun.
You can get arrested and have the cops haul you there,
You can scream and cry and tantrum all the way,
You can pause now and again on the escalator surrounded by wild flowers,
You can throw your hands up at every confusing road sign,
You can run in circles until you fal... read more
Mon, February 18, 2008 - 10:43 AM permalink - 2 comments
Happy Post-Navratri!
Navratri is the nine days of worship devoted to three incarnations of Mother Divine (Jai Ma!); three days each to Saraswati, Goddess of Knowledge and Truth, Laxmi, Goddess of Wealth and Abundance, and Kali, The Destroyer of Darkness, and a tenth day is Durga Puja, for when Maha Kali destroyed the powerful demon Mahishasura.

Mahishasura was the impious king who, through devotion to Shiva, won the power of having one thousand clones form instantly from a single drop of ... read more
Mon, October 22, 2007 - 10:40 AM permalink - 4 comments
We have come to true transparency when all things vibrate, the vibration is recognized, and we use the vibration for healing ourselves and others with the power of our focused intention. This means the ego desires have aligned with the divine intention, as true healing is never directed by the ego. Only when we have come to know ourselves can we align our desires with GOD (generator-operator-destroyer).

We have come to know ourselves when, with or without the assistance of addictive mind-a... read more
Thu, October 11, 2007 - 11:42 AM permalink - 4 comments
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Somethings from inside

about me
I love to live and laugh and write and backflip when I'm happy. I play djembe, harmonica, and tibetan chimes, love love love the beach, have never met someone I didn't like, rarely meet people who don't like me, and yet spend most of my time battling evil. I cry on good days or when I'm exhausted. I find beauty in everything, or make it myself (which amounts to the same). I like random chaos leaking from the seams of my day. Life lessons hunt me down and make me do their bidding. I'm only a slave for the artistic creature inside me.
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