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Forms of Translucence

   Thu, October 11, 2007 - 11:42 AM
We have come to true transparency when all things vibrate, the vibration is recognized, and we use the vibration for healing ourselves and others with the power of our focused intention. This means the ego desires have aligned with the divine intention, as true healing is never directed by the ego. Only when we have come to know ourselves can we align our desires with GOD (generator-operator-destroyer).

We have come to know ourselves when, with or without the assistance of addictive mind-altering substances, we are at peace and act out of the desire to create more peace for others. When we are aware of our intentions in any given combination of emotional moods or mind-states. When our instant/emotional reaction to situations still contains the deepest love and intention to raise up all conscious beings. When our own long-term desires contain the universal desires of unification and celebration.

We can attune ourselves to this with diligent service to our communities, introspective exploration of the mechanisms of suffering, and experiments with methods (outside of our comfort zone) of achieving deepest peace. Desires come most frequently from a missing personal aspect that our egoes seek to obtain, e.g. I was raised with constant human contact, my ego desires solitude. This example is a form of dualism that permeates most desires.

If our minds become clear and translucent in each moment, even our desires fill a role in the progression towards universal celebration. Eventually our responses become automatic, and accompanied by a deep sense of profound interconnectedness. Situations that may have been difficult to handle before become simple matters. The ego has no attachment to the unhealthy patterns it once latched onto. There is no need for fear, jealousy, hatred, or greed. There is, however still use in sadness. Sadness comes from understanding deeply that others suffer. Sadness is still rooted in dualism, but dualism and sadness will exist until all souls are united in universal celebration.

We are on that path. We are opening. The light flows. What comes next is the experimentation phase. How quickly and for how long can we plug into the universal consciousness that is available to us? How can we balance the mundane aspects of daily life so they are not deriding our connection to universal celebration? How can we commune in ways that allow others to maintain their connection to universal consciousness? How can we bring others to their heightened selves, so they can heal themselves, without creating dependency?

What's the quickest way to heal our planet? By healing our souls.
What's the quickest way to heal our souls? By hearing GOD.
What's so important about quickness? The desparate situation created by the past few hundred years of explosive expansion of the human population and pervasive (some say rampant) consumerism, culminating in apperently incurable global ills. But you knew that. (Sorry, it's the caffeine.)

There are a lot of quest(ion)s, I don't claim to have all the answers.
I have some clear understanding of divinity as filtered through my ego, which I am now constantly seeking to purify.
Let's call it sifting, like sand. I'm trying to filter out the dark particles of my psyche so just the granules of silica remain.
When this process is done to some satisfactory degree, I can build from it a 100% transparent glass ecofriendly ego-house.
I will carry this glass ego-house around with me and look at other's ego-houses. I will show them my ego-house, naturally,
without gloating, and it will be so clean that they will see GOD when they look at me. We all have this capacity.
To know yourself is to know GOD (But you knew that). When I walk around, my house won't be recognized as 100% transparent unless the ego-houses of the people I hang out with are also 100% transparent. When that happens, God will be looking at God, and the celebration can commence!

It is sometimes painful to hear that my ego-house is not clean enough. Then I remember the love I have recieved from so many over the years and I am letting go of that bit of suffering. No need for it any more! There is no point in holding onto behavior that doesn't serve me in my cause. I align again to the intention of complete transparency, and not only does my ego-house get cleaner, but also more fortified. I can walk around confident that bumping into somone else's ego-house won't soil or break mine. The clearer walls get thicker! It's like my dad used to say, "If you shine a flashlight on shit, the light doesn't get dirty!"

I am not afraid to walk anymore. I am not afraid to shine. I am not hesitant to tell people my honest opinion. It heals me to be honest, with others and myself. But to find all those bits of dark sand obscuring my abiliy to be present with GOD, I have to get the light to shine really bright and I have surrender to letting GOD be the one to pluck it from my house. It is the most pleasurable kind of pain. It is yoga (no, not poses, but you knew that). Yoga, union, a brilliant flowing universal celebration of removal, vacancy and occupation, arriving and leaving, alone and the same as the other.

If anyone reads this, thank you, you have probably been there for me. You probably know a bit about my process, difficult and beautiful as it has been. Namaste. Bless and Praise to you. Thank you, Om Mani Padme Hum, shanti, shanti, shanti.


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Thu, October 11, 2007 - 1:18 PM
When you clean your ego-house.
Just make sure you use ego-friendly cleaners.
Dr. Bronners should do.
Thu, October 11, 2007 - 1:59 PM
Translucence is an admirable aspiration
but remember that in the Dance of Shiva,
Lord Nataraj is shown doing five things at once...
Creating, Preserving, Destroying
Revealing and Concealing...
The Veil of Maya Conceals
Lifting the Veil Reveals...
And then you remember why the Veil was there in the first place...
Yes, we are the light...
but we have gone to so much trouble to come to this place of relative shadow...
we can stare at the light-bulb
or we can enjoy a delightful lamp-shade..
my aura is a lamp-shade over my light
i have gone to great trouble to cultivate style
in my shadows...
Thu, October 11, 2007 - 5:49 PM
I was wondering when you would show up
in this place again. Hope your journeys are
serving you well. I am back in Portland now
renting a studio downtown, making music
and writing. Let me know if you swing through,
would love to share my ego-house reflection
with you.

In light through love,
Mon, May 12, 2008 - 8:35 AM
To know your True Self is to know God/Goddess/THAT. The 'self' that we have traditionally known is what falls away and dissolves. This is the Translucence. Peace creating Peace, Universal Desires of Unification, Understanding Suffering is known as Compassion. To let go of the Story - the StorieS - to allow whatever arises to be met with this Compassion, Unification, Translucence and Peace ... this is the way. To say that your ego-house is not clean enough ... is just another story. Habituated reactive patterns do arise. This has no meaning unless you ascribe a story to it. I don't really know you at all ~ but I KNOW YOU. We are One. ~ Shanti Om ~