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November 1, 2006
every time i look into your eyes, i feel comfort. every time i witness your smile i feel happy.

you are a true goddess and while you may have many fans, im by far your biggest.
August 16, 2004
The last name is "Love"... I think that says it all!
June 5, 2004
when she handed me the ball of yarn to go into the labyrinth at Knossos, I thought she was kidding. "Man, this trick never works," I thought. But when I put it down on the floor, the ball unrolled before me and led me right to where I wanted to go... not to the minotaur, but to a secret chamber where Minos hid his knowledge. I only shared it with her, but I forgot it. It's so secret, she won't even tell me.
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about me
I'm a holistic healer and single mom in nyc. In my practice, Kakini Health, (, on the upper west side I support people's health on all levels, body-mind and spirit through energy work, health counseling, reflexology, and somatic work. I do one on one sessions, lectures, classes and fun events. I love what I do and find so much joy in supporting and watching people heal. Feel free to contact me if you would like more information about what I do or if you are interested having a session or taking a class or would like me to come speak. In addition to my own journey to healing I have explored and studied the feminine and now co-lead a women's group Be Wild (, We have monthly events and parties which put us in touch with and allow us to express our authentic wildness. I love exploring the world around me both here in nyc and around the world. I am fascinated by the world around me, the different cultures, languages and amazing places the world has to offer. To feed my soul I go to drumming gatherings every year both in nyc and around the country and dance my heart and chakras open around the fire. In fact I love to dance most anywhere. Here in NYC I like to dance at 5 rythms, Soul Fire at Cosm, Body, Temple, Winkel's, Burner Parties, Clubs, and well anywhere I can. I 've gone to burning man for the last two years and am especially inspired to express my deepest desires and contribute my creative energy to expand, bring together and heal community. I like to go to creative events to costume, dance, perform, and otherwise be silly.
I'm pretty focused right now on my practice and I'm often home on the weekends with my son, and my partner cooking, and watching movies.
I like to have a balance in my life between work, and play: intimate time with family, and time to connect with comunity. I like to make time for friends, time for old friends and time to make new. It brings me great joy to bring people together and I like having people over to eat, listen to music, laugh, and for heartfelt connection.
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Mindful Dating for Empowered Women with Deborah Roth and Kiana Love ( events » community ) Mindful Dating for Empowered Women with founding Coach Deborah Roth

Date:Thursday March 18th 6:30-8:30pm
Location: Be Wild Woman School ~155 W. 72nd St., Suite 205
Cost: $45

Deborah has invited me (Kiana Love) to start the circle with a me... read more
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Pisces New Moon Sister Circle ( events » community ) Pisces New Moon Sister Circle
Flowing with our Feminine Intuition
Tues March 16th 6:30pm
4th Universalist Society~160 Central Park West @ 76th St.
6:30- 10pm (you can bring a snack to share for after the ritual)
Cost: $15 (members of the Soci... read more
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Thursday 3/4, Kiana Love leading a Chakracize Wild Body Welcome @ Evolver : A New Look at LOVE ( events » community ) Thursday March 4, 2010 - 7:30pm - 11:00pm
Evolver NYC~388 Atlantic Avenue~Brooklyn, NY 11217
Near many trains: (A, C, G, B, M, 2, 3, 4, & 5)
Cost: $10

I'm leading a Chakracize Wild Body Welcome to start the night...

Calm your mind. Clear ... read more
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