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   Mon, April 16, 2012 - 11:04 AM
Maia Anthea Marinelli

Hi John

I’m working on a project with the power to inspire all vigilant minds and I like to reach out to you

Wind Playground, a massive kinetic sculpture that provides both an amazing interactive art experience and naturally boasts an alternative energy implication; A paramount of both art and science, both large scale installation and aero-physical engineering. Wind Playground acts as both a kinetic sculpture and wind accelerator.

Wind Playground is essentially a massive (57’ x 65’ by 18’ tall) sculpture that’s completely interactive yet with no moving parts. Created to allow people to play with and understand wind- based on the fundamentals of the “Venturi effect”, Wind Playground funnels wind into a maze of tunnels, accelerating the wind and creating wind-microcosms. There are four tunnels all of which greatly accelerate the entering wind through the structure, completely naturally.

In recent testing with the model/prototype using a cheap altimeter, maintaining a reading of 0.0 knots (realistically 0.01 due to altimeter inaccuracy) at the front of the sculpture, we’ve successfully “created” two (2.0) knots of wind on the far side of the main tunnel! These numbers extrapolated for the size difference between the model to full size sculpture, would mean that even with relatively no wind, Wind Playground will be expelling wind on the other side at over 10 mph.

Initially funded by Black Rock Art Foundation, were currently fundraising and looking for supporter.

We now have 6 days left to reach out mark of $25,000 necessary for the project and EVERY SMALL DONATION COUNTS. I understand not everyone can donate to the project but even helping spreading the word can help immensely!

Kickstarter projects are only funded if they reach their mark, else all donation will return to the donors.

If you wish to learn more about the project here are some links and articles:

Inhabitat :

Burn After Reading Magazine:

--Wind Playground:

Help keep this dream alive!

Love From Maui ... Were the wind is the boss


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