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My Father makes me suck his cock and fucks me for the frist time. Part 2

   Mon, October 3, 2011 - 1:22 AM
When we see my fathers car pull in the driveway my brother pulls his cock out of my ass. He tells me to go jump into our fathers bed. I grab my tank top and run into the bedroom. Our fathers apartment is small,so the bedroom door is in the living room and the only bathroom is in his bedroom so if you leave the bedroom door open you can see everything even the bathroom if that door is open too. I am in bed when our dad comes in the door..He talks to my brother for a while,but I can not understand what they are saying. When he comes in the bedroom he does not close the door all the way. I it is easy to see what he is doing because the light is on in the bathroom and the door is open. He sits down on the side of the bed and takes his cowboy boots off. He stands up and takes his shirt off and I can see some of the hair on his chest from the side. He still has his jeans on when he gets up and goes to the bathroom. From the bed I can see into the bathroom,he is taking a piss and is turned just enough to the side so I can see him. Just watching him do that is a big turn on for me and I know that I am going to try to touch his cock when he goes to sleep. When he is finished he stands there and plays with his dick, shaking it pulling his long foreskin up and over the head. It looks like it was getting a little hard, the he sits on the side of the bathtub and takes his jeans off and leaves them on the floor. When he stands up I can see everything, all he has on is his white jocky shorts. His cock is still hanging out he shakes it a couple of more times,puts it in his shorts. I close my eyes and pretend I am asleep. I am on my back ,near the edge of the bed. That way I knew he would have to move me over to get into bed. I can feel him standing over me,but can't open my eyes. The next thing I feel is him rubbing his foreskin over my lips. He tells me to open my eyes,he knows that I am not asleep. When I do he is standing there with his dicking hanging out very close to my face. He tells me he saw what I was doing to my brother he said I watched you suck his cock and I watch him fucking you and you both looked liked you enjoyed it.. He reached down pulled me up so I was sitting on the side of the bed and told me he wanted me to take care of his cock the same way I did my brothers and if I did no one would get into trouble. He put his hand behind my my head and stared rubbing he dick in my face. He told me to open my mouth and get started on it. I did and I was so turned on. He pulled me off his cock and got in the bed with me put me between his legs and told me that I could suck and play with his cock as long as I wanted to. I was so glad he was like the other men in my family,they all are uncut and really like their foreskin sucked on and played with. I loved the way they wanted me to really nurse on the skin at the very tip and how they like their chead sucked on for a long time with the skin pulled up on it. He turned me on my side and held my head and started fucking mouth,I remember him saying that if my mouth hole felt that fucking good, then my little boypussy should be even better. As he was face fucking me he was saying what a good job my brother had done teaching me and if I loved his cock so much,then I was going to be fucking crazy over a grown mans cock. He pulled out of my ass,pulled me up next to him and started rubbing my chest and playing with my tits making my nips fell good and get hard. He ran his hand down to my ass and rubbed his middle fringer over my hole. He put it in my mouth and told me to suck on it and get it wet. When he put it back on my hole and started to work it in some of my brothers cum slipped out that made it alot easier to work finger number in then he said he would work in another one in to get it ready for his big cock and he was big. I knew I would be so happy when I felt his cock hair touching my ass,because my brother and my uncle both told me that was when a boypussy knew he had all of a mans cock. When his finger went in that easy, he asked me if my brother had fucked me before he got home and did he shoot off in my ass. I said yes sir. He said good it might make it easier for me to take his cock and what he said next I will never forget."This is too fucking wild, fucking my baby boys pussy with my oldest boys cum.He turned me on my side and started rubbing the head of his peter across my hole teasing me with it......more later


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Mon, July 16, 2012 - 6:41 PM
That is so Fucking HOT....i want a Dad, Uncle and brothers like that. guess i have to wait till my next life but Damn that sucks ....i wish i grew up in a house like that.
Sun, August 19, 2012 - 3:13 PM
this is such good wanking material THX
Sun, September 9, 2012 - 9:40 AM
Sat, July 12, 2014 - 1:34 PM
II began getting turned on by men and it all started with my dad. 6' tall, very hairy chest and ass and legs..everywhere. When I got to see his dick for the first time (showering at the gym).. dad wasn't the only hot motherfucker there. I had to concentrate so my dick wouldn't get hard. Dad's dick just a swinging..7", nice mushroom head, thick and nice hairy ball sack. I'd jack off many a nights just thinking about how much dad (men in general) got me so fuck'n turned on. Dad eventually caught on when he would always catch me looking at him when naked. Dad asked me if i got turned on by men. I said yes...Nothing wrong with that he said..He and I got naked that night and he began it all. Stroking my dick and then having me suck his dick. I LOVED IT. Eventually I finally got what I had so longed's dick up my tight ass. On my stomach face in the grabbed my hips and slid his nice big hard cock all the way up my ass. Fuck it hurt lick a mother but once in he fucked me slow and after fucked me faster and harder. GODDAMN it felt awesome. And that was that...I still suck his dick and I still get my ass fucked.
Tue, December 16, 2014 - 1:51 PM
my dad
My dad used to sit next to me in the evenings under a blanket and rub my pussy and clit for hours...when my mom would leave the room he would lick my pussy so good. At night when everyone was asleep he would come into my my pussy till it was wet...then slide his hardcock in and out of my pussy...I know it was wrong...but he made my pussy cum so fucking hard...
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