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April 10, 2007
Happy Happy Birthday!!!!!!
April 20, 2006
Back home in Maui, exactly one year ago I got a call from one of my surfing buds, N8 Castro, asking if I would take a couple of his SF peeps surfing with me. I considering for a moment but then getting filled with the aloha spirit. One of these 2 peeps ended up being non other than the Fabulous Fanny FONG!

It was pretty much instant. Both in the water and on the beech, the conversation came natural. It seemed we had so much in commom, almost living parallel lives in two different worlds. Then came horrible news of having to indefinatley re-locate due to my step father's ill health and mom's business situation.

What a step-up kinda gal. She not only picked her new Maui buddy up from SFO, but delivered me down to Monterey.

She has brought so much happiness to my life in such a gloomy situation. Being apart from my other half, dealing with an impossible situation, father passing, and aunt in really bad condition you'd think I'd jump of the bridge already. But thanks to Fanny I seem to laugh and live on, with hope and patience.

I also have to mention that she shares the aloha spirit in opening her wonderful tribe of friends who have also made me feel so welcomed! Like birds of a feather....

Mahalo Nui Loa my sistah, your forever in my heart!

March 16, 2006
This the begging of my encounters with Fanny and from the first time I have meet her, alreay I know we are going to be good friends. I look foward to building a friendship relationship with her.

A very warm person!

Paul H.
January 20, 2006
OH MAN!!! What can I say about my new roommate?! So many stories, so little space...Me and Fanny go back what seems FOREVER! But in fact its only been a short 5 - 6 years. And from the very first time we was love! :) I remember her and Gary taking me bowling for my bday and playing Tri-Towers and drinking at the bar while we waited for our lane to be free...good times!! Thanks for that Fan. You gotta love this girl, she's been there for me in so many ways, especially recently with the "mandible" situation. Thanks! And I take ALL of her advice to got to, she's got acient chinese secrets ;-)

Stay tuned, being her new roommate I'm sure I'll have a story or two or three to tell(insert evil laugh here).

Ciao Ya'll
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