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November 17, 2007
~Lakota, thanks for being as the land/sky and helping us all to see and feel through your radiant soul energy~
May 23, 2007
What can I say. . .where do I begin? She is my sister, family, and I am so proud to be her sister. She is so very special to me and is and has been the most positive and strong person I have ever known. I love you dear sister and from my deepest part of my very soul the words cannot really explain the love that I hold so dearly for you!!


I could write for hours,
Use the finest words in Webster's,
Fill pages upon pages with verse
Only two words are needed,
Two words are everything I want to say:


Two words, two syllables
So tiny,
In these words I say so many things. . .
You are very special,
Holding my hand when the world is too much,
Hugging me when I cannot bear life:


I have shown you my heart of hearts,
The person inside I am afraid to reveal.
Your sweet words and sweet face,
Bringing me back from the edge,


Love. . .Sonia

May 8, 2007
Lakota Woman, though I moved from this site for awhile, your love never strayed from my heart. I walked through many dark paths searching for The One. I found him and now I have returned. I appreciate the friendship and comfort I get from your words and your deeds. I just finished a piece called "Buffalo Gal" for all the sisters who kept me safe with prayer... especially my new granddaughter who is close yet so far away.

L'Oracle de L'Amour
March 3, 2007
From Bishop Timothy Price:

Thank You For Being A Friend
( Andrew Gold )

Thank you for being a friend
Traveled down a road and back again
Your heart is true, you're a pal and a confidant

I'm not ashamed to say
I hope it always will stay this way
My hat is off, won't you stand up and take a bow

And if you threw a party
Invited everyone you knew
You would see the biggest gift would be from me
And the card attached would say
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend

If it's a car you lack
I'd surely buy you a Cadillac
Whatever you need any time of the day or night

I'm not ashamed to say
I hope it always will stay this way
My hat is off, won't you stand up and take a bow

And when we both get older
With walking canes and hair of gray
Have no fear even though it's hard to hear
I will stand real close and say
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend
Thank you for being a friend

And when we die
And float away
Into the night
The milky way
You'll hear me call
As we ascend
I'll say your name
Then once again

Thank you for being a friend

February 26, 2007
you are a dear friend and sister, as is our daughters, who are us... i honor this relationship and support your vision with open mind and heart. let our sharing continue onward as we teach them how to teach us... and we learn from each other and share that vision... much love to you... xoxo
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Lakota Womans Power Song

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Soul Shape Shifting

Time has passed by so fast and it has been quite awhile since I have posted on Tribe. Considerable change, new avenues to explore, realizing my potential and exploring my gifts. All this has come to pass in the time I have been away. I can now move into new beginnings and meet new people with ease and confidence. Walking in ceremony I now walk. My path is clear and my stride is strong. I walk with ease and understanding of who I am and what I am supposed to do.

It is still unclear to me how it all began. One moment I am a prisoner of my unstable emotions, the next moment there is clarity and light and a understanding of human nature and how we all reflect and resonate off of each other. We all meet for many reasons, there are no mistakes, we have messages to share and the result is understanding.......and love.

Religions are opening up to these time's of change. People are reaching within instead looking to other's for their answer's to their life's lessons. We are now becoming the wise one' is no longer wishful thinking.

I am grateful for my blessings and for the people that have come into my life that show me respect and understand my philosophy of how to lead a good life, a fruitful life, a life of bliss and beauty. I have come to realize my potential as a spiritual being and I send out healing thoughts and vibrations of lovelight to all.....I always heart is steady and does not cry for unwanted way's that do not fit my peaceful walk. My heart only cries for the unjust that hurts the innocent and our mother earth, our home....but I light my three candles each night and send out my sincere prayers to all that want peace.

So I am back, and I will be sharing with my old friends and hope to make new friends...I am back to help anyone who may ask me for help. My insight is deep and my eyes are wide open, my heart is sincere and my soul does not lie.....I have the gift of vision and some of my peers have told me to open up now and to quit wasting time when there is so much work for me to do. It is time for me to move onto that next level of enlightment...

Lovelight always.....lakotawoman

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My Journey's!

about me
I am a woman of many faces, faces of love, friendship, honesty, integrity, respect. I do not hide behind masks. I have much to share on life, love and healing. I have come to a place in my life and my heart where I feel I can speak and be myself. I am kind and I will be fair and my respect is a given, I hope for respect and love in return, but lessons have to be learned, eh? Gift of vision, I see what is to be and answere's come to me as to why instances and circumstances have come to me, in other words the why has this happened to me have all been answered and the fires have been sooth'ed, the anger is quiet and understood. I listen and stay close to my heart, and each beat gives me a message, I listen to my heart when confrontaion or discord takes place, my heart is my sanctuary...I see a flower when I think of my heart, it is a rose.

Visions, started early, very early, young girl so confused when realizing that not everyone saw their future or knew what was taking place and transpiring. When the mind is innocent and society has not downloaded or cluttered the mind of a three yr old much can be seen through the soul and heart and eyes of this young child. It is an adventure...imagine a three yr old feeling the warmth of a day's excursion with the family, being there, seeing mommy and daddy with your sister and brother at a park and a few days later it happens. To a three yr old that is normal, she has left her body, she is sitting in her own little world on the living room floor and there is the family on this cool green grass with the wind blowing through the trees, seeing your sister and brother play and wanting to run with them, within a few days the adventure takes place, the young baby girl feels the connection. To her this is is butterfly's flying in the stomach. A given happiness and bliss that is born into that child and the need for change or for the need of want is simple, food, water, sleep, play and adventures. What more is there in this fresh young mind...

This child has made full circle now.

So now I am ready to learn more, grow more, heal more and I send this out to all that needs love and healing to be....the war's, our planet that needs pure energy healing be it.

I keep dreaming and seeing this place, it is beautiful, it is clean, there is balance and harmony, I feel it in me, I feel it can be....we live day by day with all that makes us uncomfortable, our struggles and discord, it is there always right, there seems to be some drama or conflict , big or little... it is there with me, always.. I am learning to look at it, make peace when it comes and breath with pure gratefulness for life. I then feel peaceful and the looking at what brings discomfort is understood and leaves. There is something more there, something that has never left us since the innocent days of looking through eyes with a beautiful mind of pure thought and bliss..pure innocence

Today is December 25th, 2006. This is me.....I am ready for more change and I am ready to share and learn and grow more so than I have ever imagined...I feel happy and good, I feel love....

This is me, I am that little girl where each and everyday I saw cycles complete and the exploration of life coming to me with little effort or of asking, it was a given, visions and being with my family....I remember this child with always a smile inside.

This was common for me. It was a normal feeling.

I then went to school and found out that not other children had the same experience or experiences in seeing....

Now I am ready to grow and learn about these gifts. I have matured enough to balance and configure what is real and what is not...
As I grew up I realized that I was different and confusion took place, I could see and feel the thoughts of my concerned loved ones thinking something was wrong...but all and all it was a gift from god that I had to come to recognize...I am now ready to learn more and I ask my angels and spirits of lovelight and the greatness of all to guide me with goodness with the visions that come my way..
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( miscellaneous » music reviews ) "I love Dolly" Hey she is way cool, I do like her music...peace
recommendation posted on Sun, March 4, 2007 - 7:27 PM
Love ? What ?
( miscellaneous » other ) "Hi" Im glad your here, thankyou!
recommendation posted on Mon, February 19, 2007 - 6:18 AM
Ascensiontriggers(Cosmictriggers),Digits and the Old and New Testament and more..
( miscellaneous » other ) "Thankyou" Your words speak much truth and comes in many degrees of understanding to awaken the souls of many, light and love is much needed and awareness needs to take place to all for all...thankyou for your post..
recommendation posted on Sun, January 21, 2007 - 8:01 PM
don't MISS this
( miscellaneous » movie reviews ) "Excellent," Thankyou for sending me this, Lucia, I have a deep connection with John Lennon he really plays a big part in my life, how I think about war, how I want peace, this is something that everyone should look and lovelight to you...lakotawolf
recommendation posted on Fri, January 5, 2007 - 11:02 AM
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