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"There's more to NZ bouldering than Castle Hill" - Dave Kopp on 'Attack' V7
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Before you add me...
Please don't just add me as a token friend- say hi first and see about that friendship...

That means send me a message and establish a rapport before trying to add me to your network...

I know most of my network in person.

If you won't say hello and spend some time, how do I know if I want to be your friend?

Please don't be offended if I decline your friend request otherwise...

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about me
Well travelled ex-pat, ex-model, ex-ethnobiologist with a pathological obsession with rock climbing.

Play celtic harp, and will hopefully soon be learning to make them.

Intellectual to the point of being obnoxious, and an aesthete and audiophile.

Can't STAND being away from the outdoors, so I need ideas on ways of getting out of the city.

I've studied ~13 languages in 22 years, and have lost the ability to speak any, including my mother tongue.

Love plants (so long as they're medicinal, narcotic, musical, poisonous, etc.) and ethnic food.

Read my way through several libraries as a kid, and so contracted nearsightedness and good taste.

Spent last year in the Himalayas studying indigenous alcoholic beverages and the yeasts that make them, exploring forbidden caves, and learning Tibetan buddhist long-life alchemical rites.

As I'm running on 1hr of sleep now, and am fed up with my stale attempts at honesty and wit. I'm just gonna go chew some paan...
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Remind me why my life's not dull?

Having gone against everything I hold dear last year by spending all summer indoors doing management work behind a desk 80hrs a week, I'm really looking forward to the prospect of taking full advantage of the next four months of Uni break. The fact that I have no money for food for the next month, let alone for a proper summer holiday is beside the point, as is the fact that I have done no work at all on my thesis. For the sake of what small slivers of my sanity remain, I want to make the m... read more
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