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   Thu, September 29, 2005 - 10:57 AM
I had a dream last night that was different than usual...I do not remember the whole thing, but there was a tall lady in the dream that used to ride her bike in a fairy costume with double wings that looked much like purple dragonfly wings. She gave me her costume and I started running around in it. Literally, I was running around on 3rd street and when I went to cross the street, I got in the way of cars and was almost ran over. I started to run, but it was sluggish, I could feel each part of my foot moving very slowly and my legs were about the same, yet after a minute I was running again. I was going by the community garden when a bunch of cars, with lights on top and dust swirling around them screeched to a halt and people started yelling. I panicked and backed into the fence, which fell over like a hammock would. Around the wood hammock and the flowers, the people from the cars pointed at me and started to through rocks at me and called me disgusting. These were big rocks too, I covered my glasses and when I found a chance, I got up and ran to my house. It is my house here on Kaye, but my mom and Ross were here. I panicked, shut the door and took off the costume and jumped into the attic. The attic was much bigger than the one here, but anyways. I think Ross had the phone on speed dial for the police. One of the thugs, looking like an Irish hitman, held up a picture of me in the costume and asked my mom, whom in return just sipped her coffee and said she had no idea. However my mom wasn't so smooth because the hitman looked down and in the door frame was my costume. He pointed at it and ran off to find his buddies, Ross called the police and from there I have no idea what happened.

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Thu, September 29, 2005 - 11:48 AM
very thrilling...
but you must dream a continue to
clear the final. Or better not ?
This fairy was eventually a charming demon.
Just kidding...