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about me
I'm an Australian artist. I've exhibited throughout Australia, with works in a number of collections, and publications. I made contact with a number of artists and organizations and traveled to Europe in 2003. There I met many artists working with the Fantastic Visionary movement. I learnt more of the Old Masters paint techniques. I also a member of the London based Society for the Art of Imagination. I have since exhibited and sold in Berlin, London and Cologne. Magazines in Australia and Chile have also published my work.

I find inspiration in both old and new artforms.

More about myself and my artwork can be found here:
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My Recent Activity

International Fantastic Art Association - Exhibition 2008 - Kyoto, Japan ( events » arts ) Hi everybody. Great news, I will be exhibiting my artwork in Japan. Details are as follows:

The third annual International Fantastic Art Association - Exhibition 2008 happens again this April in Japan.

Participating artists are:

Miyuki ... read more
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Pan's Labyrinth
( miscellaneous » movie reviews ) "Excellent film" When I had originally seen the posters for this film, I had expectations of it being like "Never Ending Story", "Labyrinth" (the one with David Bowie) or "Dark Crystal". It has some of those qualities, but from the very beginning I was very curiou... read more
recommendation posted on Sun, January 21, 2007 - 2:12 AM
( miscellaneous » websites ) "" Definitely worth your time to visit and ponder.

I also recommend people checking out the forum which hosts the page. The creator of the page, Jon Beinart, also has another exciting project due for release in the next month which will pale the l... read more
recommendation posted on Fri, October 27, 2006 - 1:58 AM
Surreal Art Forum
( local favorites » artists ) "Excellent surreal, visionary, artist resource." Meet other creative minds, and chat with them. The best list of surreal and visionary artists on the internet. Find out about events and projects.
recommendation posted on Wed, August 2, 2006 - 6:46 AM
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My Blog

This Sunday, Anja Brinkmann and I will be flying out to Paris to once again meet with our Japanese friends that I exhibited with last year in Kyoto. We have both been invited to exhibit in Paris with the IFAA.

The International Fantastic Art Association (IFAA) is an artist group dedicated to bringing together and gaining more exposure for Japanese Fantastic Artists. The group was founded by the artist Shoji Tanaka and has so far exhibited in Kyoto and Tokyo with international guest artists... read more
Tue, October 20, 2009 - 7:52 AM permalink - 0 comments
I am pleased to announce my first giclée print, or my original artwork “Manifest“.

The print is printed with durable inks on acid free paper of museum archival standards. Which means it will be around for a long time.

It is signed and a limited edition of 500.
Print size: 25.5 x 34 cm
Paper size: 29.5 x 42 cm 270 gsm acid free paper (Hahnemühle Lumijet).

“Manifest” is available to purchase from the shop. read more
Tue, March 31, 2009 - 2:08 PM permalink - 0 comments
The Visionary Culture Creators Matrix that is the Liminal Village - Boom 2008

The Visionary Culture Creators discussion panel brought together people living all over the world to discuss how Visionary Culture is developing.

Over the course of a week the Liminal Village conference and gallery was visited by many of the 25,000 festival goers from 80 countries. The Liminal Village presented 30 speakers and artists from 23 countries. read more
Tue, September 23, 2008 - 1:08 PM permalink - 0 comments
I'm off to the Boom Festival in Portugal this week. I will be exhibiting artwork at the Liminal Village and also joining a discussion panel. More information here:
Thu, August 7, 2008 - 5:37 AM permalink - 2 comments
The day draws near when I fly to Japan with Luigi La Speranza and Anja Brinkmann, where Luigi and I will be participating in the International Fantastic Art Association annual group exhibition. I feel honoured that the director Shoji Tanaka has extended this wonderful invitation to us. I have previously written about Shoji and the IFAA, and how I came to know them.

The exhibition details are as follows:... read more
Sat, March 15, 2008 - 6:52 PM permalink - 0 comments
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"Excellent surreal, visionary, artist resource."
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