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August 13, 2005
Of course!! Why didn't I think of it sooner? Lisa and Daev are siblings! What a couple of lucky folks you have! You are both kind and wonderful souls.

See you at the Harvest Meltdown!

April 19, 2005
What can I say about Lisa B that hasn't already been said by hundreds of people all over the world? She's my big sister and I love her so much. Lisa is one of those rare kinds of people who can determine quickly in a conversation, with a few questions, what you are really saying, not just what you are trying to say or think you're saying. Lisa has amazing intuition and can get right to your heart before you even realize she's there. An amazing body worker, she has helped me get through many a painful dancing injury. Her influence on my life is much deeper than she probably knows and I wouldn't be nearly the person I am today had I never met Lisa. If Lisa continues to be the bright shining light of positivity that she has been as long as I've known her then the world can't stop itself from being a better place, I'm sure of it.
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