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Troupe Freak Out

   Sun, October 14, 2007 - 7:31 PM
Even though, on Monday, Shoshanna mentioned how great Raks Amar would be for me, and said she need a few less flaky girls, I keep thinking it won't happen. I keep thinking that while she's in Minnesota she'll get so into what's happening that when she comes back she will forget she ever said anything to me. Then the whole troupe thing just won't happen for me. Or even worse, she'll decide I just am not up to par with the some of the other dancers and will pick someone else to join. I really am not sure how good my technique is, and I already know that I have issues with breathing and smiling and keeping my fingers from curling up... I mean what if I get all excited and then she changes her mind about adding any girls? This is really something I've always wanted to do, I would be so disappointed if it didn't happen.
I guess the thing to do is just take a deep breath, keep practicing and hope for the best.
Someone tell me I am freaking out for no reason, and not to worry about anything until she comes back.

P.S. The picture is of Astryd Farah De Michele when she was here last year. I just love this picture and wanted to share it.

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Sat, October 27, 2007 - 3:28 PM
stop worrying!!! your gonna be just great in our little troupe! we do need some less flaky people too...and trust me we arent at all up to the level of like ya habibi or not very good at it but she still let me really excited for you to should call her and ask if you can join rehersal this week since it is our first one having her back and we are starting a new dance...perfect time for you to join! just breath and keep practicing thats what we all do...big hugs!