My Perseptions and Realities Right Now

I'm in the market for a new career / job... you might be the catalyst for me or hold the key ;)

   Sat, May 31, 2008 - 5:12 PM
So.... if you haven't read in previous posts or from me... I am looking for a new career / job....
I've been with Whole Foods for almost 11 years and I am really ready for a change... yes I'm still looking within Whole Foods but I am equally interested in leaving them for the "right" company.
The "right" company would be one that has anything to do with alternative health, alternative living, alternative products, organics, fair trade, sustainability, eco, green goods, green building, and anything else that falls into those types of catigories. I would like a position that has a regular schedule like a 9am to 5pm and has weekends off.
If you have any leads or would like me to email a resume then please don't hesitate to contact me. You might be the catalyst for me or hold the key ;)
I am thankful for the comunity I am a part of.
I cherish the moments and gestures of care we share.
I can manifest anything alone... Yet we can manifest more powerfully together :)
Thank you for anything and everything!


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