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Love Eternal

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February 7, 2006
Its the idea of love that i love. Any further words would take worlds of meaning away.
June 7, 2005
The Top Ten Reasons Why I am Enchanted with Love Eternal
1.They are transcendence happening.
2. Love Eternal is in divine alignment with the good they are seeking that seeks them. Magical manifestors embracing opportunity.
3. Love Eternal speaking words of truth. They offer a peaceful, love language to express our appreciation for the most high Jah Ma.
4.Love Eternal model a distinctly Epic balance of masculine and feminine divine beauiful expression.
5. They affirm excellence for their family and all of creation.
6. All members of Love Eternal are absolutely adorable and genuine.
7. Love Eternal are catalysts in defying gravity. Our hands fly up in praise within minutes of a show's beginning...activating our wings.
8. Angel trainers are people who offer opportunities to tap into your deepest authentic resources to come gallantly and purely from love.
9. Your awesome kids are cool!
10. You attract bright fluttery souls like moths to light.
11.,vegan food made with love is circulating around you.
12. When I sleep to Love Eternal music, I dream that I'm at a show and wake up giving thanks and praise.
13. Your music creates a space beyond story.
14. Love Eternal are like Mary Poppin's style chimney sweepers of the soul. They sing while they work as loving, humble earth funky debris from our minds and replacing it with sweet, divine groove.
15. They are carpenters of Jah repairing fragments of my belief system. Restoring me to wholeness and awareness in safe loving guidance. Calling out with bliss and passion that they remember who we are! Give Thanks for the reminders.
16. Its such a blessing to be able to bow in the space of pure divine intent of the deepest healing vibe.
17. Love Eternal's music is like an extra battery pack to jumpstart a weak energy field or strengthing a growing energetic field.
18. The light is the path around dark things.
19. The roots go down before the shoots go up.
20. It is my intent to live my life on purpose.
21. Inspire means "in spirit". Transcend limitation and consciousness expands. Dormant forces come alive and you discover yourself to be more of a human than you ever thought to be.
22. I showed up from No Where and I'm Now Here.
23. Love Eternal Pumps us full of spiritual vitamins! Jah Love!
24. They acknowledge our divinity as the lions of Jah!
I couldn't stop at just 10 top reasons why I love you
Blessed Love! Give thanks for all that you all and all that you will ever be--Ali
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Love Eternal

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about me
Love Eternal is a collective of musicians dedicated to music as ministry. We see the power of sound vibration and lyrical content, and choose to use it to uplift and heal. We Believe that What you focus on grows, therefor our music and message is positive and affirmative of what we want to see. We Honor all paths, teachings, and traditions that encourage Oneness with the Divine, Each other, and the Planet.

Through a river of cosmic circumstances rises homegrown roots reggae band, Love Eternal. They united as musicians as well as family three years ago near the ocean of Santa Cruz, CA with a common aspiration in mind - developing and producing "some of the most gentle devotional Roots Reggae your likely to hear" (~Damon Orion Goodtimes Newspaper) They live, create music, and raise their children together under a Redwood canopy as a communal family, which lends to their tightly woven musicianship.

Love Eternal's unique blend of roots reggae intertwines the pulsing beats of traditional reggae drumkit with west african and nyabinghi drumming, Paridigm shifting harmonies and lyrics, thumpin rhythmic bass, scratchin guitar, and the unexpected melodies of electric and accoustic mandolins, all tide up with the upbeat groove of pure roots reggae.

For booking/CD purchase information, please call
831-438-3270 or visit
Cds available Online at

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Seeds of Change (March 27th) w/ Shimshai, Love Eternal, and Dianne Patterson ( community » other ) Friday March 27th (Mark your calenders!)
You are warmly invited to

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