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Luxxx Noir

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joined on 01/27/05
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July 15, 2005
Fucking Yummy !!!!
July 8, 2005
Ohhh sweet Luxxx.

When I am the dictator of a small South American Country, Luxx will be attached to my bed with chains of gold and platnum. What more could I possibly ask for?
May 17, 2005
ive known luxx a super long time almost too long sometimes and all i can say is shes wierd and eerie in a creepy kinda way and on another note she is awesome and irreplaceable...... she can make you see things from a different perspective, and enjoy life as it unfolds while it lays all its trivial endeavors on your head. thats my sis ya lots ur Queena
April 13, 2005

Not having known Luxxx for long, I can safely say that she already has me painting my Type-XII Unterseeboots und my Experimental Flying Panzer Korps in a Teutonic shade of Midnight Diesel.
I'd better get into some sort of Harness, mein leibchen.

Lest I go Spiralling into the Gyre...
March 23, 2005
I beleive Luxxx Cloned me, from what appeared to be a hybreed mutant sex alien named skippy, who has a fetish for machines, I love my creator, she provides me with latex replicas of myself so I may make love to them in hopes I myself may one day become as human as she, we humans offer you goods. Yet I am not! But shes got the technology, Beware!
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Velcome to da Dahhkness

Hello welcome to my page on
I started tribe as a resource to photographers and other creative minds that I like to work with , I have currently wound up with fun, friends and folly and some work opportunities as well.
I think i got more than I bargained for and then some.
Here you will find out about me , things I am into, places I work and projects I am involved with.

I hide behind no labels,nor do I play into them. I strive to be truly independent from all of societies catagories,and find that perfectionism is not an inherent human quality. I strive not to be perfect, but perfectly me. To live to my fullest ,as well as striving to do my best in all creative endeavors has given my life and art a very personal quality.
I love people but do not tolerate continual bouts of Assholism.
I do not seek perfectionism in friends , but personalism.
With that said , remember my friends, every woman is a Goddess, and evey woman is a Wytch, substitute the "wy" for a "bi" accordingly, at your will , and listen to me giggle. Heheheheheh

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A.K.A -

Scary Carrie ( Hi Mom )
Mz. Carrie D'way
Spice E. Tuna
Tetra Ethyl
Ivy Drux
Isis Islamine
Thee Countess
Anna P. Phylactic ( P stands for Pro you figure it out!)
Polly Form
Sue Mi Ley Tah
Mz. B. Loda-Belta
Mz. America
Also toured with a Miss Kristen Zomant as Liberty and Justice Forall
too much fun !!! lol

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Can be found slinking around here...!

Those of you whom are in the know can tell you I am a helluva dancer...
and a hardwrking model.
This is where to go to find out when and where I am appearing and any special shows
I may have booked.
Any schedule variations or special appearances can be viewed here...
If you can't make it, view my website at's a bit primative but it will do for now ...
Any relative links can be found in the links section of my tribe page so go there for direct links to my
website clubs and events!!!
I can currently be seen working at
Club 390 only 30 minutes from downtown Chicago !!!!
Don't know how to find it ????
Go to and find directions there!!!
All of January there is no cover during the week!!!
The cover on the weekends is quite fair!!!
Excellent D.J. s spinning club music and music you know!!!!
Dancers with fun attitudes can bring sucess to any birthday , bachelor or divorce party!
Comfortable atmosphere creates and excellent and elegant setting for your clients or out of town guests
Hookahs at your tableside at your request!!!! Wow!!!!
$10 tableside dances
$20 lap dances- 3 for $50
$30 vip lap dances
$250- 30 min $400 -hr.... champaigne rooms
Ladies and couples encoraged and welcome!!!
This weeks schedule :

Tues.... Wed..... Fri...... and Sat! 9-to close!!!

See you there!!!!
Love Luxxx

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Thee Root Of All Evil >;)

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Deadly Sinnings

My trip , you here do not know.... but i have currntly been re introduced to the fbi list...

last halloween to be exact....

so i am curious what will happen i the airport this time... if anything at all...

Last two tours on "the list" airports were hell...

this time I am going out of the country....

I am curious to see what happens....

Thu, April 12, 2007 - 7:41 AM permalink - 2 comments
Thats about it... spazzing out about my trip , should be packing but I am tired of that...

Should be napping but i cant nap...

Out if smokes , dont wanna go to the store...

Oh what a bore!

Cant wait to get on the plane....
and feel the rain in Paris. :)

Look at the lollipop I made :)
Wed, April 11, 2007 - 6:38 AM permalink - 2 comments
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Partners in Crime

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Varuca Says..."I WANT."

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