SF Bay Area

about me

I'm honest, dependable and very giving of myself. I'm in a committed relationship but I'm free to have my own friendships and allowed to play with others provided it does not interfere with my relationship with my partner.
My handle explains what I am into. I also love getting fucked by Black guys.

my friends

Gnomeshole billy Beserker Gerald Miss Ed vidros Splitsack

my tribes

! Baker Beach, ♥~2B~NAkEd~!!!, - ★ M4M THE DEEP KISS ★, - ★ Double Stuffed ★, - ★ Fuck him bareback ★ - JUST DO ME, - ★ Hot Latin Men ★, - ★ Kidnap, Rope, Gag & Rape ★, - ★ Male to Male Bondage ★, -- Hot Male Erotica --, -- Killer Smile (gay men) --, -Curly Haired Cuties-(gay), -Husbands & Manwives-, >>M4M Personals, BDSM and People Of all Colors, BDSM eXtreme Sex & Fantasy for Gay Men, Beautiful Blondes, Black tops & White bottoms, Boner Boys (men only), Brother Lovers, DOES HE EVEN KNOW?,