Male 38
Los Angeles

about me

nice mellow brown boy angry about a lot of things. But mostly i just wana hang out.

my friends

ABearinSac jack billy tony David John Jamie Taboo

my tribes

"Bro-mance", 'Us Ole Cocksuckers', **the cocksucker connection**, Ave_Diabolus, BDSM eXtreme Sex & Fantasy for Gay Men, bearded cocksuckers, Bears and Chasers, BearsWhoGo4Chasers, Big Tops & Little Bottoms, Boner Boys (men only), Boys4Daddies, Bulls, Bears and Brawn, California Oral Cock Worship, California Radical Faeries, CANINE-Sapiens - Human Pets, Country Bucks and Rednecks, Creative Blasphemy, cuddle buddies, Cum Eaters (men), CUM, it does a body good,