about me

Before you request to "join my network," make sure you realize THAT
Not trying to fool anyone, just not putting all of me out "there" here, so my picture is of something pleasant to me (THOSE LIPS!).
And if this picture of Ashton Grey drew you to me, well, then we think alike on some base level.

I'm not trying to get hooked up with anyone. Tho, having said that, being a guy, if one of you lovely ladies sat down in my lap and planted one on me, I would respond - no doubt. But not trying to set that up, here. Just here to look at and talk about sexy things - love sexy talk, I do.

If I've requested for you to join my network, and you're female, it's because I love women. I've got many guy friends, real and through social networks, but I prefer women in so many ways. Yes, I relate better to men on several levels, but they don't do anything for my libido. I've several gay and lesbian friends, all over the US, some of them very close friends, so it ain't that. I just love women.

Oh, yeah - I'm past 40, weigh more than I should, hell do lots of things more than I should. I'm also married, though in an open relationship (which in this case is code for: "we've got troubles) and I have two younger children. So I'm not in the market for complications if you're passing through or live in Reno.

If you can't deal with any of that, and find my anonymity bothersome - so be it.

If you can deal with that, and like the hot pics I post, pretty much just higher-end, quality porn shots of things I like to look at, then great - revel with me in female body parts. Dripping, silky female body parts.

I've started a group called, "Women Kissing Women," cause it's just about the hottest thing in the entire world, watching that.

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