Male 53

about me

Screaming leftist liberal homo nudist part-time stoner dude, starseed, lightworker, empath, conscious co-creator newbie.

"The awareness that I AM, hereby accepts the present moment as it is, regardless of form, in the name of All That Is, as equality, as life."

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AmAyA  SiTa Mark Truth Gathering The Wizard of OM Nicole G Emerson David Jewel Lumiere कल्कि ॐJuBaLॐ Sekhmet

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! ►The Info Bunker◄ !, !FREE SUZANNE SWIFT!, ♥~2B~NAkEd~!!!, (painfully shy), *+I AM awakening, now what?+*, *Marriage, *~*Shining Stars*~*, ++Guardians Of Democracy And Freedom++, +The Visionary Art of Paul Rucker+, -Husbands & Manwives-, 11:11, 12th Planet Nibiru, 13:20, 1625 members, 2012 Galaxy Heart Tantra, 2012 Uncensored: the End Times, 6 PAK ABS, =Elysian Fleet=, >>M4M Personals, a tribe of very very very very lonely,