New Jersey

about me

Wife, mother, belly dancer, Librarian, and pageant director. I roller blade and love to travel been to the Middle East and Canada quite frequently.

my friends

Caliana Krishna Shauna Jayne Trisha Lisa Mychelle Mahlisa Laila

my tribes

! 200* Election !, ! * POLITICS * !, !Turkish Style!, **Bellydance Props!!!**, **TAROT**, *Bellydancing *Mamas!, Activism 101, Allen Street Dance Studio, Amani of Lebanon, Bal Anat, Belly Dance Costume Guild, Belly Dance in Print, Belly Dance in the News, Belly Dance Kitch Museum, Belly Dance Legacy, Belly Dance Mothers and Daughters, Belly Dance Roots, Belly Dancer of the Year Competition, Belly Dancers for Animals, Belly Dancing Librarians,