Male 44

about me

I'm a study in contrasts - can go from tuxedo to grunged up perv. Have an huge sneaker/boot/sock fetish... Also into latex/rubber and fiberglass or plaster body casts

my friends

Max SSmoke henry Sly Fox randy Johannes Logan ukslaveboi

my tribes

!Going COMMANDO! (Men Only), "Pretty In Ink", *The Introverted & The Kinky*, -Beautiful Blonde Boys-, Ball Boxing, Ball busters, Ball Stretching Portland, Balls available for MEN to use and abuse, barbering and shaving, BDSM eXtreme Sex & Fantasy for Gay Men, BME, Face tats, Inked dicks, Piercings, Body Building, Bodybuilding for Homos, Bondage & Slavery, Boots, Braces and Bruders, boy pits, Brotherhood of the Septum, CANINE-Sapiens - Human Pets, CBB_Cock-Ball-Bondage, CBT ---Cock-Ball-Torture---,