about me

I want to experience life to its fullest. My goal in dance is to express myself, envoke the goddess and help the masses realize that women of all shapes, sizes and color are beautiful. I also strive to be a positive role model for my daughter.

my friends

Zanbaka Janel Chaang Maisa K-Lee, just K-Lee Tammy Aveyanda Skye Geisha

my tribes

<<~ ShahlahCraft Designs ~>>, * Global Groove Goddesses *, * White Lotus Bellydance *, *Arizona Bellydancers UNcensored, *Aveyanda Skye-Tribal Fusion Bellydance*, *Obsidia~Fusion Belly Dance *, *SiStars of the BoomBah* Goddess Dance, Aju Babi -Globetrotting and Jetsetting, Amy Brown, Ariellah: Yoga, Dance, and Expression, Arizona Belly Dance Lessons/Workshops, Arizona Belly Dancers, ATS, Bedouin Tribe, bellydancesuperstars, Bellypraise, Boom Boom Bollywood, developing psychic abilities, DIABOLIQUE, Dita Von Teese,