about me

Born and bred in North Wales, working towards my emigration to Japan.
I love wales. I feel a connect with the landscape, nature, the scenery and the people. I also feel a connection with the people of Japan. I feel that the sensibilities are similar to those things I love about my own culture.

I'm here on tribe due to finding a wealth of discussion and talk about varying subjects.
I like to help those in search of assistance.
I don't like it when people preach.

my friends

JahaRa Michelle Jivatma D cup Gertrude chrissie dan

my tribes

!!!anything mysterious and unexplained, ** Enlightenment 101 **, Astral Projection, Celtic Music, Celtic Wingnuts for Social Change, ChakraTribe, Compassionate Empaths, DreamReality, Energy Workers, Enlightened Christian, Fool MooN, Forms of Consciousness Expansion, GAIA - the earth is alive, Healing Arts, Healing Hands, Healing Light, Intent to help, Mayan Calendar Code, SacredGeometry, Scotland,