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Hi! Please allow me to introduce myself! My name is Lenny! I am a tall (6'0"), slender, kind-hearted, intelligent, SBM (Never married; No kids), entry-level mechanic for a recreation center presently living in Highland, CA!

I am a registered Democrat. However, my personal beliefs are more aligned with the Libertarian Party. Also, I possess some conservative views like for example supporting strong gun rights for law-abiding citizens, Big Business (Provided of course Big Business' goals doesn't screw over the regular workers concerning a qualified paycheck for a reasonable standard of living or access to high standard health care as well as destroy the Earth's environment) and the War on Afghanistan after the 9/11 Terrorist Attack (Minus of course certain problems like a) Getting distracted from the main goal of hunting down the Taliban in Afghanistan by invading Iraq, or b) The volatile atmosphere of questioning the patriotism of people who express legitimate misgivings about how The War on Terror is being handled concerning Constitutional rights, foreign policy, deployment of soldiers, etc.)

Added pluses: a) I never smoked cigarettes, cigars, or any other "not so legal" substances, b) I never drank alcohol, c) I never used drugs, (A QUICK INTERRUPTION: Despite points "a","b", and "c", I am NOT a Mormon. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Especially since I liked watching The Donny and Marie Show and Jon Heder in Napoleon Dynamite. :) ), d) I possess neither tattoos nor piercings, e) I have a 0% crime record (Meaning my face won't appear on America's Most Wanted. :) ), f) I constantly exercise (Although, I must confess I need to work on strengthening my abs more. :( ), g) I constantly keep my nose hairs, armpit hairs, ear hairs (Although I must confess to being negligant on trimming those hairs. But that is mainly due to a fear of screwing up with some scissors and ending up looking like Vincent Van Gogh. :) ), fingernails, and toenails trimmed, and h) My breath is constantly fresh thanks to the constant use of brushing, flossing, mouthwash, and Altoids. :)

I am very open-minded toward love and sex EXCEPT for anything involving a) Men. Meaning no overnight camping trips on Brokeback Mountain. :) , b) Transexuals. For I don't want any Jerry Springer surprises. Especially the "Reaching under the skirt and grabbing a tree trunk" surprise. :), c) Animals. Don't ask. When I found out where some perverts put gerbils, I wish I never found out. :O, d) Underage children. For I don't have enough money for R. Kelly's legal defense team. :) , e) Submission and masochism. For I don't see the appeal in being whipped while wearing a tight, leather mask and being gagged with a rubber ball. :), f) Golden showers. For I want body waste in the toilet not on me. :O, g) Brown showers. My apologies to any readers who just threw up within their mouths. But I had to include that. :O , and h) Bondage. For after watching Basic Instinct, I don't want to risk being tied-up by some icepick-wielding psycho. :) One scary note: Based on my sexual disqualifications, there are a lot of sick freaks out there. *shudder*

I confess to searching for a very nice, very attractive woman. Attractive meaning a) Fresh breath, b) All of her natural teeth. (Extracted wisdom teeth being an exception of course). :) Or to put it another way, a mouth that makes wrestler Mick Foley's mouth look like CHiPs actor Erik Estrada's mouth is a huge turn-off. :) , c) No facial hair. (Excluding hair on top of her head, eyebrows, and eyelashes of course. :) ), d) Preferably no tattoos. (However, if the tattoo is small or a certain design, I am willing to work with that. :) ), e) No facial and tongue piercings. (However, depending on what kind of nose piercing a woman has, I may be willing to work with her on that). Or to put it another way, I hate seeing foreign objects inside a woman's mouth. (Long pause)...... With one HUGE exception of course. ;) ) and f) Any body piercings other than maybe ear piercings (With an exception of a) Multiple ear piercings, and b) The piercings which look like someone used cookie cutters on one's earlobes), a belly button piercing and nose piercing (With the exception of the bull nose rings). (Or to put it another way, I don't want to risk any part of my body being caught on any broken piercing's jagged edges. :O ). That woman could be of any race and any age (Provided of course the age is above the local Age of Consent law. For I don't want to show up at a woman's house only to meet Chris Hansen and the Dateline NBC camera crew. :) As for female senior citizens, as long as you are SCILF (Senior Citizen I'd Like to ...... 0ops! I watched American Pie one too many times. :) ) material like for example actress Helen Mirren and not look like a nursing home patient, you are perfect. :) ). Not to mention someone who I can be GOOD FRIENDS with before sex, during sex, and after sex. :) Added bonus to any rich, generous women: If you would be willing to help me with any of the following: a) Buying a $79.00 one-year in-house dental insurance tied to a local dentist office, b) Obtaining affordable medical insurance, c) Finding a higher-paying job with at least a $20.00 hourly rate (I have an extensive job resume ready for your viewing), d) Signing up for a correspondence course involving either computer repair or electrical repair, e) Updating my personal wardrobe and/or f) Purchasing either an Ab Roller machine or Ab Circle machine so that I can work on my abs, I will be very grateful. :)

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