New Jersey

about me

I enjoy wielding a whip. The smell and feel of leather intoxicate me. I love the sound of its whir as it flies in the air, the crisp snap of the lash as it finds the flesh offered unto it, the moans and cries of ecstasy it brings.
I derive an enormous amount of pleasure from taking charge in a totally dominant role… bringing my pet to the very edge, then pulling back just a bit, then bringing them to the edge again, over and over and over, until the pleasure becomes more unbearable than the pain… until both of us collapse in near euphoric fulfillment.
For me and those who seek my attention, it’s more a journey to fulfillment we choose to take together. It truly is an exploration of new horizons and a testing of limits.
It’s all about passion. To fan a fire at a core already ablaze… to excite spark for spark… to mate mindset with mindset… heat with heat… lust with lust… until the intensity feels limitless… and then to release oneself into a physical and emotional Elysium where there are no taboos.
The physical sensations that stimulate desire can be wonderfully overwhelming… but none of it would be possible without the overriding seduction of the mind. Seduce my mind… allow me to seduce yours… and let’s see what happens.
So here’s to unimaginable pleasures… and the pain that makes them possible.

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