- Celeste -

- Celeste -

Female 33

about me

I dance. I sing. I take pictures...sometimes I let people take my picture. I design clothes. I redesign interiors. I read. I write. I talk... alot sometimes. I'm a geek...but I clean up well. I'm passionate about life, I'm sensitive, (sometimes I'm a bitch when somebody's gotta do it hahaha) and I love to learn!! I like to make things (pretty) and fix things. I'm female I create and's in my nature. I work hard. I'm nobody's wench....but if you wanna be mine apply here...(Just Kidding)

my friends

Lady Gray Cowboy Jim Tommy king ho Yoyo Iain SynerGy

my tribes

Belly Dance Canada, CosPlay, Courtesans, Electrical Play, Elegant Gothic Lolita, Historical Costumers, Non Traditional Housing, Pennsic Dark Thirty, Pennsic War, Raw and living foods support, Raw Vegans, RenFaire Costume Addicts, SCA Middle Eastern Dance, SCA: Socially Challenged Adults, Society for Creative Anachronism, steampunk, The Green Fairy, The Vulgar Unicorn, Vancouver Burlesque, Vlad's Pleasure Pavillions,